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  1. Lots of null crashing recently

    I wouldn't think so, at a guess I'd say it most frequently happens after turning on the computer and getting the first client up. At first I assumed it was because I had already loaded and started playing another non wurm game and it had something to do with wurm being jealous or something but it can still happen if I go to wurm first. Its just incredibly unpredictable, could have two a day or one a fortnight. If they are all the same ill leave it to you then and stop adding more
  2. Lots of null crashing recently

    Quite often around mine doors (heading towards not through) or when someone else is logging in around me Theres also sometimes green crash boxes irregularly when trying to log in, I'll get one copied next time as they arent null ones Both seem to have become an issue recently (last 2 weeks or so)
  3. Lots of null crashing recently

    Im not sure if these are all the same or not so ill put one more just for funs
  4. Wagon shuffle

    What happens: Server restarts reshuffle the position of hitched horses on a wagon, I often find that horses specifically put in the back positions for qol reasons find themselves in the front positions after the server comes back up. What I expect to happen: Horses hitched stay hitched where I put them. Steps to reproduce: Hitch specific horses to specific slots on a wagon and watch them change after a restart.
  5. Wagon shuffle

    Not sure, I was blaming someone else untill i realised what it was and i cant predict the restarts to check more
  6. WSA: Wurm Online Launcher changes

    Where I come from its not really asking if you don't wait for an answer
  7. WSA: Wurm Online Launcher changes

    It did it without asking me, i was looking at something else for a second and next thing i knew everything shut down
  8. WSA: Wurm Online Launcher changes

    bugger, ok thank you.
  9. WSA: Wurm Online Launcher changes

    Using this option makes each one 2 inches wide not just wurm but everything, are you able to make it go back to not stacking like before the change?
  10. WSA: Wurm Online Launcher changes

    Any way to stop the clients stacking in the taskbar please?
  11. Valrei International. 087

    Why would he need to be secretly mayor of spawns lol, its pretty obvious a staff toon holds the deeds...
  12. Indy Down 7 7 2019

    Did hetzner cause the roll back? I was put back where I was just over 2 hours ago
  13. -1
  14. Vynora can dig now but still gets the doesn't approve message for tile switching
  15. It's a party, Independence turns 10!

    And that is a choice which is a good thing but you remove that choice from some people and not others, you know people want the shinest thing but dangle it while saying you can only have it at a cost only some must spend.
  16. It's a party, Independence turns 10!

    could organise an event that doesn't ostracise a group of players instead of laughing and saying 'hey you can fix it if you do something extra no one else has to' I don't have this issue but I can see that its pretty bad design and especially nasty to not even warn people before they go wasting their time.
  17. Temple image

    So, people seem to get a bit disappointed when they complete a temple only to find its a tiny unimpressive question mark bag. My suggestion is this - What better item of worship could we have in wurm!
  18. A New Elevation

    I get that some people like streams and all but would be nice if after the info was actually posted for people who cant watch them unless the devs dont want everyone to know it
  19. Independence Pls

    would like it back now ty
  20. Lots of null crashing recently

    Everything works fine so I'm not really looking to break anything messing with settings, its just a super random thing that isn't happening all the time and figured id share the log if it helps anyone. For me personally until it prevents me playing at all I'll leave well enough alone. Thanks though.
  21. Lots of null crashing recently

    drivers and java updated
  22. Lots of null crashing recently

    its one update behind I'll give it a shot
  23. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Please remove Smeagain, Gary, Sme, Chrizs and Fatjesus from the RoS list we got it on Indy thank you
  24. Lots of null crashing recently

    So far so good but here is the green one i keep having