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  1. the bonus is so small its fine, just ride what you want since you yourself say you like to win with what isn't meta
  2. Who should I send it to please? and thank you
  3. There were pvp and mission based goals on the old personal goal list that were asked to be removed because you cant force people to pvp or lock them out of completing it. It doesnt work.
  4. Get your own signature on a rare hammer with this rare hammer head Start bid: 5s Increments: 50c No buy out, No reserve, No private bids. 30 min snipe protection. Winner please post your ingame name so i can mail to you, thanks.
  5. its like there is a lag following the cursor it happens constantly, also selecting things in the world you didn't click on like walls instead of animals and the most annoying of all is clicking the new examine icon and having it do nothing
  6. 1.2k wemp

    1200 wemp at 87.97ql Pick up only Harmony T15 Starting bid: 1s Increments: 50c No buy out, no reserve. 30 min snipe protection.
  7. Which in turn is a punishment by putting you at a disadvantage, people shouldn't have to second guess helping out a family member when they spend 95% of their time on pvp just because some others think that their way to play is the only acceptable way.
  8. I really hope the devs can see the difference between an incentive and a punishment. Imagine having a family member on pve but you live and spend most of your time on pvp "Sorry Sis, I cant come and help you with that 5 min task" "No sorry I cant spend the day with you showing you how to have fun in this game" why? she asks, because they added an "incentive" to keep people playing on the pvp server, a bonus that builds up the longer you stay on pvp but wipes when you cross to pve...
  9. I'm on northern isles and everything is working as intended
  11. Yes that was the problem, you basically said you would consider things but the system itself would still be going ahead - people don't want that system.
  12. The wording in that thread closure already made it clear the idea would go ahead regardless of noone supporting it, please dont add another convoluted system with 'pending favor' there are other great alternatives in there. I know some people find it hard to let go of a bad idea when they spent time on it but bad is bad. Please.
  13. Send me an offer I cant refuse because I did want to keep it lol. Pick up from T15 Harmony.
  14. I was nervous to see the changes after reading the past few posts but I couldn't be happier the fixes have made the new UI almost perfect and the pulsing is so subtle (not even close to what could ever cause a seizure lol) I could almost not notice it but its enough to tell there is something to read when looking for it. I can finally see whats in my inventory with the ql and dmg columns tweaked and the repeat function no longer threatens to harvest my unripe crops. Still a few things that could do with some love but over all great work.
  15. Maybe you just need a better breeder so the one lost horse isnt really a loss, no colours are rare if you do it right.
  16. I don't have answers and I wont claim or pretend to, all I know is that punishing people and penalising them for one play style or another is never the solution.
  17. He personally saw links being used as intended and didnt like it, not personally saw exploiting.
  18. I had a lot of them that would take 2 or more days to be ready, well fed
  19. Sounds like a good way to stop people playing on pvp at all, you want to encourage them to come not put them off
  20. Most people generally don't view a penalty/nerf as an "incentive"
  21. just as silly really when theres several actual simple solutions already presented
  22. Yeah its not new and not resolved, happened to me this morning it just stopped happening to them