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  2. I've had these conversations about many different mechanics through my time in wurm and have always been assured that there is no way that a system can or will favour some toons over others, one of the biggest ones being who gets an affinity in pvp. Some accounts just seemed to walk in the sun while others were doomed to live in their shadows (shout out to my boy Cornchips) There was one case where I was assured that sharing a kill in a mission was completely random as to who got the points for it but I could prove which toon would always receive it over which other toons with 100% accuracy. It could completely come down to your playstyle not gelling with the best ways to get them but I certainly wouldn't rule out some accounts just sucking because I have seen it time and again for so called random chance based things.
  3. So, a good few years back I came up with an idea for a 100 skill title for rake and was basically told that it would be fine. After working towards it thereafter I completed the skill about 3 months ago and put in my request, one month later after adding more people to the PM I was told that it was not appropriate so I put in an appeal with quotes and examples to which there has been 0 reply two more months later. I wrote to Rolf since no one else was answering me and while he liked the idea he wanted to stay out of the politics. That brings us to now where I have 100 rake and 100 disappointment with no inspiration for any other title, an alliance member has suggested [The Other Farming Tool] which is probably as good as anything else so far. Any more ideas would be appreciated
  4. I didn't make the wording that was their choice...
  5. I couldnt care less about this topic, I made some money on excess items a few times but the game has always been just a game to me not a job. To be fair however the eula for the longest time specifically said rmt was allowed as they believed it was the players right to profit from their time.
  6. As said 6 to get the title, up to 8 before the 9th changes it again if you want to go further. Red would be your safe choice since you have an other already and you have used all available blacks, white cherry iirc is gender dependant for colour.
  7. Needs 6 total with black dominant
  8. They never lost them, the concept of the account being removed from the game once ascending was removed and other things changed before anyone got there.
  9. Would be nice if that stuff was in the news
  10. Leading a rooster while hunting collecting hens and chicks for lols
  13. died 30 mins ago for me hasn't come back since
  15. To me it looks like it will still be painful, hard to judge from a single picture but being surrounded by it I cant imagine it will be much different to now, the real test obviously will be when winter comes
  16. are those pics taken from the same time of day and is it the most blinding time, please don't make it longer its still going to hurt enough to not play
  17. I don't mean the forum list and its ok im just saying you don't need to add it to the list its already there
  18. its been on the list for many years
  19. So why is it Indy and not other servers and why does it keep happening on a regular basis
  20. but are they aware of the underlying issue yet?
  21. Full Steam Ahead

    There's a lot of things I too find pathetic, many stem from your attitude and while I didn't participate in the Elevation reset due to a lack of care for the proposed changes or ability to see a positive direction coming from them - faster horse breeding was certainly not one of them. Having horses in pvp is a must and they die first and fastest in battle, not having them cripples your chances to participate so if you find people wanting to engage in pvp pathetic then I'm not really sure how much weight the rest of your complaining holds.