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  1. -1 I live off deed and I like it that way. I understand that the beds and looms etc look ugly but I do not want to lose all my stuff cause other people leave
  2. What i can say is that your dedication to keeping us updated is what will keep me with you for a very long time. These things happen and it can be an annoyance to deal with but the personal touch from you is why I have remained with this game while quitting so many others in the past.
  3. Game Hickup

    I also think that sleep powders would be better, i also agree with sme though they should not be tradable
  4. also got booted from cele, was about to get gypsy some cochineals =P
  5. It looks like all of them, login included
  6. Sorry yeah, I got one. Completely forgot I had posted this.
  7. I just would like to say, I bought from GypsyPunk, the prices were great and with the market right next to the docks it makes water access unbelievably easy.
  8. I guess all I am saying is that I see no justification for this change. I cast my vote, and as much as I appreciate this debate I feel both sides have made their points and there is no longer reason to continue this, if others can come up with a reason this may be beneficial I am always happy to consider and if necessary change my opinion when presented with irrefutable facts. I appreciate your opinion and do understand why you have it however, I am afraid, I do not see reasoning for this to be applied. If your issue is that you keep crossing borders you do not wish to cross, perhaps you should do a little more work on your own orientation and navigation.
  9. But if somebody wishes to truly explore they can ignore the community maps and the future in game maps if they want to. To use your own argument to strengthen mine, if I may, with the community maps and future in game maps why do you need to be told which server you are travelling to? If the issue is that you are not orientated and you wish to know where you are going, you can use the maps and align yourself with the appropriate coastline. There is a lot of water between the server border and the land.
  10. When sailing up the western coasts of the chaos connected servers I use the land to guide me in which direction I am supposed to be heading. I believe the messages are intentionally vague so as to give the idea of exploration. Until you know which server is next you do not know which server is next. As would be the case when sailing in the past, how do you think Columbus found the Americas thinking he hit India. I think it should stay as it is as it adds some of the realism which is what keeps me playing this game and makes it entertaining for me.
  11. I can do you a delivery of 1k dirt, what time zone are you in? Is there water access? what are the coords?
  12. If the previous guy does not work out drop me a pm and i'll get it done for you.
  13. I am in CST timezone. I can set under way to you now but don't know when I will get there. What is your in-game name? EDIT: Delivery charge will be 75c.