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  1. Ok we all paid for this game I paid for both version now Update Wurm unlimted please
  2. how about getting close to a hive without a smoker you get attack like Real life
  3. want to sell 20 silver for 25 us dollars paypal
  4. want to sell 40 silver 40 us dollars paypal pm jimo in game
  5. no its 73 maybe photo is fuzzy
  6. Rare

    cod to Willslaphansien?
  7. Rare

    ok give me 10 minutes
  8. Rare

    10 Silver min. 102 LT 85 Nim 93 coc 86 MS
  9. sent [10:10:03] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour.
  10. all 30 copper each other items 1 silver each
  11. fine dont buy means love me want to be drunk guy thnakns love u to0