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  1. Reminds me of my old char named Tarkie, who had similiar stats but 70+ BS 92mining and 92 ws. i sold it for 425€ iirc. i could have gotten more perhaps if i placed him on auction but i got that offer and sounded good for me. so there is your price check from my side. i hope it helps. good luck with selling it if you decide to sell it.
  2. B/O offer accepted. Thanks everyone who participated. ~Can be closed now~
  3. dealing with a buyout offer, auction is on hold atm.
  4. Sniper protection is triggered, the auction will end 1 hour later than last bid. Currently its Mistvengery's bid with 27s.
  5. Last 8 mins! after that 1 hour sniper protection will begin. If any bid comes during sniper protection, the auction will last until the last bid stays 1 whole hour.
  6. merry xmas everyone! i just added some rare and supreme lumps/logs etc, woa saddle, weapons, hammers, almost full chain set mostly at 80+ql and much more! Please check the second post to see pictures. One day to go!
  7. Those are fairly made offers actually, so their bids will be counted unless bidders revoke their bids. Incase they do, i ll add a 20s starting price. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. alright, i totally forgot about those, will add now, ty.
  9. Price check apparently not working on this. im gonna move this to auction.
  10. Selling my deed with everything in it, including 90 ql weapons and tools etc. Deed holder will be given as well. Topic can be seen here http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/116030-deed-menzoberranzan-independence/
  11. Alright, a deed holder will be handed over with the deed. Not Candy tho.
  12. Well i didnt tought about giving the deed holder as well when i decided to sell the deed. I prefer not to give the deed holder cuz i have all of my friends added on that toon and many ppl are familiar with that name now, which is Candy. but if we cant find any other options...
  13. forgot to mention that it comes with one large cart and one wagon 9 rafts and 7 backpacks in wagon. Edit: ofc i forgot to mention another thing as well.. ~~Spirit Castle~~ Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [93] Also the unfinished guard tower you see in the pics can be picked up, moved else where. i didnt even started building it. so even a none prem char can pick it up. Added deed holder: "You have premium time until 22 Jan 2015 13:00:27 GMT" No skills tho. NIGHT VISION PICTURES: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Lets add some christmas gifts to the auction! Winner will also get everything in the following pictures: i hope you like it. Happy holidays \o/
  14. Its in Independence at 42x34y, L-19 ingame map, northcoast of Crystal Lake. Deed name is Menzoberranzan. The deed will come with following things: - Deed holder (see second post) - 2 houses. - 1 motel (Click to see details of Motel) - 1 merchant. Merchant will come with everything in it, including 90 ql weapons and tools. - 1 fairly big mine with 2-3 utmost ql iron, 1 utmost copper, 1 slate and 1gold vein(70-80~ql) in it. - 1 Source fountain and 1 Source spring. - 3 golden altar, mag and fo at low ql, vyn altar at 65ql. - Cherrywood Loom 79ql 67woa. - 77ql, 47ql, 44ql forges in main house another forge arround 40ql at second house and alot more in mines. - countless bsb's as you can see in pics. - 8 horses, some of them are 5 speed worst one should have at least 3 or 4 traits. - Some high ql weapons and tools, some LT enchanted low ql longswords(30-34-35-37-38-47 LT) - 23x 70+ql hammer, 9x 70+ql short sword. - 7x yellow potion. - and alot more other stuffs. Rares: - Imperial Street Lamp 55ql. - Pinewood practice doll 24ql. - Marble slab. - Supreme mine door. If wanted, there are huge space to expand to north and east. Also has a direct access to Crystal Lake. The size of Menzoberranzan is 13 by 41. The settlement has 3 silver, 34 copper and 66 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 6 copper and 60 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 87 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes more. At north side there was a deed once, so the place is flattened and covered with fences etc, ready for expanding, i also flattened the east side so you can expand to east as well if wanted. didnt took pics of them but can do that if wanted. I will share some pics so you guys can get some ideas but best way is making an alt and teleporting it to deed to see everything on your own. CLICK HERE to see the deed / merchant / mines / everything which is inside bsb and fsb's and all the other stuffs that comes with the deed. PS: on top right corner of pictures there is an option to see the pic at full resolution. i accept euros at 1:1 rate (paypal verified) Starting price: 20s / e Min. increasement: 1 silver / euro Sniper protection: 1 hour Buyout: offers will be considered No Private bids are accepted except B/O offers Happy Bidding
  15. 90 ql weapons are 75copper now instead of 1s!
  16. Added last weapons & ws tools i found on my merchant.