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  1. [SOLD] PC master weaponsmith/miner

    Reminds me of my old char named Tarkie, who had similiar stats but 70+ BS 92mining and 92 ws. i sold it for 425€ iirc. i could have gotten more perhaps if i placed him on auction but i got that offer and sounded good for me. so there is your price check from my side. i hope it helps. good luck with selling it if you decide to sell it.
  2. Spider Motel

    This topic can be closed now.
  3. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    B/O offer accepted. Thanks everyone who participated. ~Can be closed now~
  4. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    dealing with a buyout offer, auction is on hold atm.
  5. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    Sniper protection is triggered, the auction will end 1 hour later than last bid. Currently its Mistvengery's bid with 27s.
  6. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    Last 8 mins! after that 1 hour sniper protection will begin. If any bid comes during sniper protection, the auction will last until the last bid stays 1 whole hour.
  7. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    8 hours to go!
  8. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    merry xmas everyone! i just added some rare and supreme lumps/logs etc, woa saddle, weapons, hammers, almost full chain set mostly at 80+ql and much more! Please check the second post to see pictures. One day to go!
  9. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    added night pictures at second post.
  10. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    Those are fairly made offers actually, so their bids will be counted unless bidders revoke their bids. Incase they do, i ll add a 20s starting price. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    alright, i totally forgot about those, will add now, ty.
  12. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    Price check apparently not working on this. im gonna move this to auction.
  13. My lovely leftovers! [pls close]

    Selling my deed with everything in it, including 90 ql weapons and tools etc. Deed holder will be given as well. Topic can be seen here http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/116030-deed-menzoberranzan-independence/
  14. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    Alright, a deed holder will be handed over with the deed. Not Candy tho.
  15. Deed -Menzoberranzan- [independence]

    Well i didnt tought about giving the deed holder as well when i decided to sell the deed. I prefer not to give the deed holder cuz i have all of my friends added on that toon and many ppl are familiar with that name now, which is Candy. but if we cant find any other options...