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  1. Ive got tons of binds and contextual menu doesn't always work great in my situation, sometimes mouse is an easy option and this is a simple "fix" for the issues with that menu.
  2. I was wondering if it would at all be possible to allow some kind of toggle for some rarely used actions on menus to be toggleable, the most perfect example I can think of this would be the "disarm" action when using a shovel. It is right beside the level option and realistically for PVE servers it will almost never be used whereas the level action is used the vast majority of the time. Another similar skill would be "track", which does have it's uses on both PVE and PVP, but again is so rarely used that some might like to toggle it off. Food for thought, the contextual menu does address a lot of this, however, the option to toggle things on/off would be much appreciated by many terraformers I imagine
  3. Hopefully the naming is good and fits in line with other servers.
  4. One set sold via PM, 3 sets remain, shipped fast and easy once payment is confirmed!
  5. I have the following Drake sets for sale. All sets are blank, currently on Xanadu. I am the original owner of these sets, they came from the original white drake on Deliverance which we killed. Sets are 85 EUR/100 USD each. I am not interested in silver/gold or other in-game items. Verified Paypal only.
  6. This thread is like 99% negative feedback with a handful of obvious shill accounts with 2-3 posts saying "durr this is good guize". How is this "fix" even still being considered at this point? How arrogant can you be to ignore your player base this much and think "nah, we know what's good for them".
  7. CA's can censor the responses all they like, the vast majority of the players do not want this "fix". When you "fix" a bug that renders an entire part of the meta game worthless (hell horse breeding, hell carts, travel of any reasonable speed period), you really should be questioning the use of your time. This is not a "fix" of any real caliber, since it breaks more than it fixes and really is a lowest common denominator "fix", especially when you consider the far more pressing bugs in the game. It isn't a quick win or some low cycle issue... it was actually worthwhile to the vast majority of the player base and you've just lowered the qualify of life for all players because of the frustrations of a small minority. As someone who actually does programming for a living, I wonder what, if any, quality control and life cycle philosophy you put into place, because the prioritization for "fixes" and changes to the game is mind boggling awful. I know I certainly wouldn't hire anyone who ignored their end users and followed such seemingly arbitrary development processes.
  8. PVP leaders

    Un4 Inacron Zerobyte (when he wasn't being badgered by his harpy of a wife) Atom Me Back when BL was feared and mattered before the game degenerated into a carebear circle jerk.
  9. Sounds like you can't handle getting your pp slapped when you do something that is clearly against the rules, get warned by a GM to stop, try to do the same thing again and then deny it's you over and over as if the GMs don't know the difference. Then, after being told a second time to stop being a tool and giving up, you immediately take to bad mouthing the GM who just dealt with you on kchat and wonder why you face consequences for your actions. The irony of tumbling from your high horse whilst attempting (poorly) to grief an active deed repeatedly then whining about "bullying" is palpable, how much self awareness can you lack? What a joke.