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  1. Well said. Wurm is what it is, and perhaps, even improves over time. The only thing that change, is people, the one who matter stays... the rest can be muted, blocked and ignored. Works for me.
  2. Some may have said this, and I myself have played since our toons looked like lego-men. *newtown* I am not going to argue or support any notions here. Yep, there's been some newer joiners, most of them amazing, a few rotten ones that bought toons from folks who used to be amazing (and that caused some big confusion and drama for me). One thing that stands hard in wurm for me, is the "escape and mystery" of it. For that reason, the only way to play is to disable and turn of chat tabs, even CA help (and trade too if you're so inclined). Without chat, wurm is the way I know and like it. It still is pretty awesome, just look past the 'problem child' problem, ignore it, distance from it - enjoy the world and the good folks. They are in the majority.
  3. Thanks for the prompt supply and shipping of my liquids! Reliable as always
  4. May I request the addition of settlement Terra Firma to the map please. 19Y, 29X vicinity.
  5. Ordered from Jola's tidy shoppe more than once. Thanks for the reliable and trusty service.
  6. Hi Yaga, It seems it does go to my inventory when I try it on purpose. The last cat before this post, DID disappear. Maybe it was a once off glitch. I will keep an eye on it. Thanks for the response.
  7. I believe this may be a model bug more than a mechanics issue. During the last few weeks, I managed to cause a mob corpse to disappear twice by accidentally selecting "Place", then pressing ESCape. The intent to OPEN and twitchy cursor movement causes me to sometimes select PLACE. When realising the error, I press Escape to undo. The corpse will vanish, never to be seen again. I think both times it was a wild cat. Bug or pebcak?
  8. I added this with a revision note that you reported it and achieved by Aeris. Thanks Elias.
  9. On which wiki page did you see this Os? They are also lacking from the page. Not sure when they were added. If recently, it's left up to players to discover it I guess.
  10. Finished and delivered even before I could make it to my bank! Good service, thanks!
  11. Bought from Jemini as Minnasaulus - all good! Thanks!
  12. I want to put my plantain on the anvil and say: - Make traders configurable, so that those who want to run traders (who are actually traders...) can set which items/ql's to buy [thus relieving the abusive lock up and spam for silver issue). Then traders can become traders and not like north korean ATM's
  13. Nice points, very! I just disagree with the following for practical, lolworthy and economical reasons: Backpacks should fit into ovens again. (ovens are mostly for food, and if shortcuts for containers are needed, something else is wrong in the mechanics that need to tend to it instead of weird crap like putting a body accessory into a cooking appliance)  Mailing should be made free in every case. (mailing isn't free anywhere, and shouldnt be, because someone or something needs to do it. Perhaps rather have some sort of seal,stamp or voucher that allows for cheap or bidrectional free posting). Like I said, the rest of the stuff makes logical sense, +1 on it!
  14. I have a G602, and before that my Razer Boomslang, but I have had this problem since 2012. Given up on thinking it is my mouse, in fact, multiple pc's and now a laptop, and the only common denominator was Wurm, so I don't know. With my custom X config on Linux, it happens but smoother. Got used to it, and using some smoothing settings to help counter it. Good luck.