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  1. WTS Paaweelr Priest - SOLD

    Put in a price, I am looking for a character, but I don't want to play guessing games. Price, and Ill consider it, (if you wondered why it needs so many bumps...) Thanks for understanding.
  2. Sold. Please close the post.

    No price, no buy, put prices in please, this whole sneaky PM game to play up against each other is tiring and frankly not worth my effort. How much for the toon.......
  3. Close

    Looking for these levels, for an alt, coming back to WO from WU requires some help... but I can't be nicegirl Would 13 euro be reasonable offer however, if i can't find anything else.
  4. One-click queue filling

    -1 this is macro'ing in sheeps clothing. Try playing the game, we've (who have _Played_ our characters up to 80's and 90's) came this far, so having newcomers just get auto win, is not great. imhotbhloletc
  5. Espresso Isles team Server

    We are going to maintain the server inside South Africa. Things are keeping up very well, and the sub 80ms pings are sweet. Also, we have updated the rules and staff layouts on the wiki. Lastly, a little shameless plug. One of our northern most players Golzath has released his new video, based on his settlement foundation on our server Friends of espresso!
  6. Always good to know, thanks. I do, as always, prefer just playing, and getting there naturally, the game is kind of a drag if you chase skills and high ql everything. The magic lies in growing from nothing, to something We transferred our WO skills to our server when we found it, and i am still only in the 70's with the major skills, it's still hard work, but it's great. As for your suggestion, does doing it steel have any advantage over iron in terms of gain?
  7. Everything running. Setup is as Steve showed above. The TLDR is 1. A single steam/wu install in /home/steam/ (as ~/wu) for user steam (after force_install_dir wu in steamcmd). 2. Two world directories (Creative, as the main server, and Foobar as the second server). 3. Started seperately in two ssh scripts, with something like ./WurmServerLauncher-patched start=Creative and start=Foobar in screen sessions on the server. 4. In each of the two databases (Creative and Foobar) BOTH servers exist as entries in the SERVERS table in the wurmlogin db (they are opposing duplicates of each other) 5. In each of the two db's, there is ONE SERVERNEIGHBOURS entry referring to the _other_ server and border etc 6. iptables set up to allow only public ports, and the rest is locked into internal interfaces. The main issue why I could not get things working towards the end of this post (the timeouts when crossing borders) was caused by my _very clever_ hosting company and their automated vps deployment scripts, messed up the ip of the machine in /etc/hosts (it was literally pointing to the wrong ip). I fixed this, and everything started working 100% Next step is to dockerise and have kubernetes cluster for this, so I can sit back and stop worrying so much about the deployment and updates. Thanks to everyone who helped. M
  8. [Released] New Portals

    I am being an idiot. Is this an ego modloader mod? I put it in mods/ along with .properties, and server won't start. Throws an exception with creatures mod. Only started if i remove this mod.
  9. Thanks Steve. I think I fell off the bus completely. It seems you guys have one database with these settings, and the other maps are kept standard. Many thanks for the responses and help. Ill make it work from here, and post a final reply when its up and how it looks for everyones sake
  10. So for the sake of logs, this is what happens when I try to transfer from A to B, where A is the login/main server. On ServerB (where player is trying to transfer to) [12:18:54 AM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.players.PlayerInfoFactory: An error occurred when contacting the login server. Please try later. com.wurmonline.shared.exceptions.WurmServerException: An error occurred when contacting the login server. Please try later. at com.wurmonline.server.LoginServerWebConnection.getPlayerStates( On ServerA (where player is trying to transfer from) [12:17:10 AM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.LoginServerWebConnection: Failed to transfer MarlonTest to the login server Connection refused to host:; nested exception is: Connection timed out (Connection timed out) [12:17:10 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.intra.PlayerTransfer: Failed copy to target server for MarlonTest took 127333 ms.
  11. I could reproduce this back in the day, and add queryport=27017 (or whatever you need it to be) helped me. Also make sure the correct ports are allowed in iptables (i use ufw or firehol to manage it). So I have something like this (on my main/login server) If you're not mod patched, ignore the -patched part
  12. interesting... will look into this too. And thanks, you're a star. If it's too much of a mission, take your time please, I can wait a while
  13. [ALPHA] Server tree growth speed mod

    What is the latest news on this mod? I am very interested in any mods providing more control over rampantly ambiguous configurations like tree growth.
  14. Ok thanks everyone, there is now just one more issue left. The two servers A and B on the test bed, can run, seperately, but on the same host. When they start up, the opposing server says "B is now available" and "A is now available". I assume RMI is working fine, if they are aware of each other like this. The issue remaining now is as follows. Everything works fine, until I try to cross a border. The usual warnings apply (settlement deed will stay behind, etc). At the point of crossing, input becomes unresponsive on both servers for whoever is online (for example, right clicking a tile will just refresh..... forever). In the server output/logs, there is a "connection refused by <serverip>" on server A and "connection refused to<serverip>" on serverB. It seems that ONE of them, are not allowing the other one to transfer a player from A to B. I have selected the assumingly important columns from the SERVERS table, and it's as follows: I did not screenshot the SERVERNEIGHBOURS tables, but they are simply an inverted mirror of each other. 1 , 24286, NORTH and on the other server 24286,1,SOUTH You get the drift. Oh, firewall is setup to allow only the needed external ports, and since both servers run on the same host, I don't think firewalling could be the issue. Internally all are accepted. I am at wits end on this. Any shred of advice would be valued Once this is working, I can roll it out to my live servers, and always refer back to this thread. Cheerios. Marlon
  15. Game Constantly Freezes for 1 sec

    If this is referring to the glitches and freezing you experience while walking, then it's old and won't go away. I have experienced and reported this since 2013, many times, me, my wife, my pc, her pc, my colleagues, we've all seen it and had it. The best things I could come up with, were tweaking the model loading priorities and threads.