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  1. If you cap the distance on locate cast all those kingdom priest will be moved off deed into caves within range of enemy kingdoms. The meta will change not the actual gameplay. Reducing the size of local, in my opinion, is the best thing we can do to encourage ppl to leave deed. It will also make it so enemies have to get close in order to see who you have online at your deed. Instead of just doing a drive by 40 tiles out. +1 to increased difficulty as distance is increased. +1 to increase the favor cost on body nolocate but you also must increase its effectiveness. +1 to losing a ring power only on successful locates My idea? Remove the /who on Chaos. Why we should know exactly how many are on at any given time confuses me for a pvp server. Strong groups will hunt ppl down when pop is high and weak groups will travel/hunt when its low. This solution solves both problems.
  2. sorry to see you go Pedro. You were one of the few Chaos players that I truly respected. You will be missed.
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  5. Seems trust worthy. I'll take him at his word.
  6. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Although I may not completely agree with you, at the very least, it was a well thought out response. I would argue that the 82 mining and the 8.5 months of premium have some value as well. none the less, thank you for your response.
  7. I'll take the med. maul
  8. I have two toons that I would appreciate getting your input on. WS: Enlightened on the Path of Knowledge +25% skill gain Vynora Follower +10% skill gain Zero Warnings You have premium time until 18 Jan 2018 14:29:23 GMT https://niarja.com/skill_compare/WSsale BS: Zero Warnings No Premium Time Vyn Follower +10% skill gain https://niarja.com/skill_compare/BSsale With the amount of skill gain bonus and premium time on the WS the sky is the limit for any industrious player. BS character lacks mining skill but together they make a mighty pair. With a runed rare pickaxe (can be included if i sell) the WS can mine 91ql ore. Thanks for any input you can offer, Kawdzo
  9. Kwyzina is the winner!! Congrats. PM Sent Plz Close
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  11. Nice priest, good channeling, smeagain is best pvp priest. SoTG is a must. Unfortunately most of your skills are not useful as a priest. Nice cooking farming and taming though. Fighting sub skills and weapon skills are lacking. I would value the account in the 125~150e area Good luck with your sale
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  14. 90QL Rare Horseshoe Set w/ WOA These are said to bring luck! Apart from improving horse speed and safety, of course. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You need to temper the horse shoe by dipping it in water while it's hot. Starting Bid: 12s Minimum Increase: 1s Reserve: none Buyout: 20s
  15. Says the person who starts an auction, then cancels it just before it ends because it wasn't going her way.