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  1. I was traveling from Sloping sands to a location on east Release and i had to stop for the night so i docked at the nearest spot. Northern Wall Citadel on the northern coast. I came back several days later and the boat was not there. It had no mooring anchor. It was locked (or i think it was). A CA suggested that it may have drifted but i checked the immediate area and failed to find it. (mostly cause i cant go far with limited stamina cause of wounds) Anyway if anyone finds it please post here or pm me ingame or something. The boats name is The amphibious cow.
  2. I responded to you trooper. But that doesnt solve my dilema unforutunetly
  3. Well thats good. But the canal at G17 qdlaty told me it was delayed. Is the area passable with a ship transporter?
  4. Is there a canal around E20 or D18/19? Planning a boating trip so i can relocate and im hoping for some canals otherwise i have a distance to traverse thats equal to two sides of xanadu and im not looking forward to that.
  5. Horse Found

    I found a horse is northwest release gray Being taken care of by iosef message me the name to confirm its yours
  6. Really friendly and was nice enough to make me a custom STEEL chainmail barding since I brought the steel. I totally recommend Fuji! :) :)