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  1. Appreciate your answer and explanation as it fully answered my query, but you didn't quote my full statement where I asked the companies stance on the matter. I'm not pinning anything on anyone, and I'm allowed to make my own choice where I put my money depending on the companies stance (which as you have outlined, is to be forthcoming with response to queries from financial institutions). Thank you for the explanation, the 30 likes on the post validate the response as a necessary and useful one!
  2. I understand that wurm doesn't endorse or isn't legally liable for rl trading or what have you. What I want to know is does code Club stand for its paying base by providing neutral logs of server transactions to third parties? Showing they either made trades or did not make trades between parties. I sure as heck won't be putting money In if people can have paypal and the credit card companies dispute everything and the game owner can't or won't supply objective evidence. *unaffiliated party leaves the soap box *
  3. And throw away years of gametime, sure!
  4. I agree with more buffs than nerfs, but can someone explain to me the utility of longsword if sickle CR reduction is removed? Maybe a possible shift in roles for the longsword if I misunderstand, because I would think it should be at least on par with a sickle? Looking for information, not fights! Thanks in advance
  5. I don't understand, PVP servers mean no PvE occurs ? Or PvP servers mean that you have the option of PvP that doesn't exist on freedom
  6. I would like to add that I remember in particular Rome actually being very understanding when we were first building up that PMK as well. There were 'hey welcome to epic' level raids that got people motivated, had a bit of fun, but left our horses and items in tact. That is the type of pvp I think people enjoy seeing, and I know I didn't mind that level of getting beat in pvp at all. I had to leave wurm before any other drama occurred so can't comment on that. I feel that a lot of players are actually really interested in fostering a healthy pvp community, but there are some things that are out of their control due to mechanics (SOTG and higher end metal being so rare that the old players gather it up to compete with other older players which makes sense because they need to for their own survival) but then when they are against new guys there is just no easy mechanic for new players to cope with that.
  7. I get a cannot connect message when I try to launch the client, and I can't access the main webpage I just get a spinning wheel. Is this isolated to me? --Edit-- Was just me having some issues with a port being blocked..
  8. I say let lorenamontana become an npc that teaches new players how to fish in the tutorial. This alone would improve game play 100x
  9. I would believe that someone used an exploit with trolls over someone figuring out a bug that NOBODY has come forth with about a permission exploit.
  10. You're going to call for someone to be deleted for making an account name similar to you? I'd be flattered.
  11. Most of those players are already highly skilled, and would only benefit from the curve in the future. I think the problem is that if you take the chaos guys to epic they lose access to the pve content they signed up for.
  12. I already used the portal and left my epic life behind. Nobody wants to play on a server alone. I hope if they merge they do something about the freedom skills I built up on the same account
  13. I am USA, EST. Who should I be getting in touch with in game? Best, Alphamalead