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  1. Rare Pale Mask

    picture is in the link
  2. Rare Pale Mask

    Would Like to give this mask a new home just made today. Can make the ugly-est smile shinny brighter. [21:11:50] The mask is made of light materials with a luxurious finish.. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Starting Bid: 10s Reserve: Hidden Minimum Bid Increase: 50 Copper Buyout: 20s 1 Hour Snipe protection For picture click link https://prnt.sc/l6fjqy
  3. So Far the best service for enchants and imping That I have come across. Fast dependable and fare with all the prices.
  4. Game won't load up

    Me to Gold took me 5 hours to log in
  5. Cant load in to Wurm online

    java is running 64 bit i havent updated or done anything different at all. start lagging a little last night but nothing major.
  6. Cant load in to Wurm online

    nope never had this issue till today nothing new done.
  7. Cant load in to Wurm online

    every time my char loads in it freezes up when rendering. left it for about 20 mins still nothing. got on 1 time would not allow me to to move or open and thing. restarted computer restarted my internet checked java. now iam getting annoyed losing my prays for the day.
  8. Can log in but cant do anything constant refresh.

    its happening to all my chars also logged in and see nothing but water cant move left it like htat for 20 mins. when i was able to move everything locked up
  9. Personal Achievements

    Has anyone else gotten 2 or more unique in the personal achievements. Just wondering I my slef got 2 troll king a forest giant.
  10. Always The best willing to work with with you. Fast and dependable use his services for everything i can.
  11. Very good for everything always helpping me when i goof things up and is willing to help not just make a sell. Turned my knife rare instead of keeping it he sent it to me no ex-charge. If he makes a mistake on a cast or something he fixs with no question or wanting more money does. I would use him for all my needs if he could do them
  12. Opening of The Big Girl's Canal

    Yea nice work Thank You Slowmo for the nice canal.
  13. Be careful of doing business with

    Be careful when doing buying or getting something imped or casted on by Sankara not the first time i have had a issue with getting something first time was getting something imped to 90 was told the next day took a week was told other things came up so i let it slide.This time sent 3 picks to be imped from 80 to 90 and the woa to improved from 50 to high 80 low 90. Was sent a message saying the cast [22:04:05] <Sankara> [04:02:44] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [65] [22:04:10] <Sankara> [04:02:47] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [69] [22:04:15] <Sankara> [04:02:41] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [72] which is not what i ordered or ask for was charged the price that we agreed on for the imp and casts to be at 90 i said i wanted them higher as agreed but had already been sent back to me and was told she or he was to busy to do them now it would be a few days or longer because farming needed to be done. So be careful when doing anything with this person deal wise. I buy a lot of items in game from different people and never have had a issue like this with any one else.
  14. If any one needs any thing I would buy it from here. Virusmd has help me a few times with mining issues. The other day he came to close 1 title and ended up staying for 2 hours to help me clean the area up so it looked right and so i could put a door on the mine. I offered to pay him more for the trouble but he refused to take it.
  15. Brick & Mortar Services

    Very fast and dependable. Always on time never and hassle.