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  1. Just had a MOI when imping my Mol Rehan wagon and now i am wondering what its worth only price checking for now its not for sale.
  2. WTB a few source salts/crystals please post or pm price. got them can be closed
  3. @Blackbeard13sure deal cod to ?
  4. since the update I can start a sermon on an altar of a different god than my own, tried with a VYN priest on a MAG & LIB altar and was able to start on both. not 100% sure this was not always possible but checked with CA and they told me you should only be able to sermon on a altar of the same god
  5. WTB Gems <10QL please pm with what you have and price.
  6. WTS Tome of incineration please post or pm offer
  7. Checker box 2s cod to Casvz please.
  8. Looking for cheap gems in bulk please pm with what you got.
  9. close please

    Auction over please tell me who to cod
  10. Supreme Cedar longspear 80ql Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: no Sniper: no Private Bids: no only buyout Buyout: offer
  11. White tome please post or pm offer
  12. on its way pickup anytime thankks