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  1. Starting bid: 7 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 15s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted
  2. Yeah, by his reasoning, you could argue that nobody is allowed to do more than 1 hour of actions of a day. Just imagine how fair that would be! xD Why should the people with 2 or more hours a day to put into wurm get to outpace everybody else?!? Some of us have families and 3rd jobs.
  3. [20:57:53] You are too mentally exhausted to do that now.
  4. I have less than an hour of fatigue left when I log tonight. I will have to find other things to do tomorrow because wurm will not let me play it. I hate this. Turn fatigue off!
  5. Nope, it doesn't freeze premium.
  6. The nerve of that guy, suggesting that me making as many yoyos as I want is some how griefing him.
  7. You have to actually demonstrate the capping 8 hours of actions per day accomplishes all that before you can saddle me with solving those problems as well. You also have to demonstrate that those problems exist. None of that is requisite for any objection that I've made.
  8. You have a skewed sense of fairness. If I spend the time, I deserve the progress. What isn't fair is pushing towards an equality of outcome when different investments have been made. Arguing that its up to the admins has no bearing here. We aren't arguing what the rules are. This thread is about changing the rules.
  9. Actually this isn't fair. 11 hours is how long it takes (base case scenario) to deplete an 8 hour reserve. That doesn't address what I was saying. My claim was "If you do more than 8 hours of actions a day, then you will necessarily deplete your fatigue. " which is true. You can't get more than 8 hours of actions in your reserve in any 24 hour period.