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  1. Valrei International. 052 - BREAKING NEWS EDITION

    As an inactive player I will admit to ignoring a lot of the updates but the reinstatement of wood types is a big draw to come back. I never really understood why they were taken away in the first place. I guess they 'upgraded' one thing that meant that wood types weren't possible anymore but taking away a significant feature never sat right with me and seemed another way that normal players were getting shafted for the Steam version.
  2. Feeling the Wurm itch

    Thank you Brash, that's incredibly helpful. I hadn't realised that the timers were different on various servers. I presumed it was just wurm speed or super speed. Something in-between would be quite nice!
  3. Feeling the Wurm itch

    I take it from people only suggesting the various old servers, that people on the forums don't play on WU at all?
  4. Feeling the Wurm itch

    So I've been playing wurm on and off for years - GV, Indy, Deli an Celi. Last time I spent any significant time online was just before that huge server opened up and decimated the 'old' server populations. The collapse of the village I was in was the last straw and I gave up. About a year ago I got the Wurm itch and tried out WU. After joining a developed deed I suffered a severe case of culture shock as most the players were already 99 in the major skills. Having skills become almost irrelevant just seemed to kill a part of what makes wurm wurm. So here I am again. Wurm is calling. But I'm lost as what to play. Deli was depressing last time I logged on, seeing decay and abandoned deeds everywhere. WU seems to be glorified minecraft with the focus on creativity, not skills. I rather like seeing skills ticking up. What's the current mood at the moment? Which game type? Which server? Is there any positivity anywhere? Would love to find a happy little deed somewhere.
  5. Deliverance Community Map

    Please add Ringstead at x21 y36. Thank you!
  6. Sailed a cog under this last night - looking really good guys!
  7. I still enjoy walking around GV, so thanks for the map!
  8. Server Status - Small Resolution

    "Make it fit in the space available, but still be readable"
  9. Server Status - Small Resolution

    Maybe I'm getting old, but on 1440x900 I have to squint to make out the player numbers, just too small.
  10. Server Status - Small Resolution

    Although it fits on my resolution, damned if I can actually read anything with the font so teeny tiny small.
  11. News Update: Work and Progress. Week 16

    Noooooooo, I was all ready to pack up and move. Didn't know there were map dumps happening that far back.
  12. News Update: Work and Progress. Week 16

    Which server is that? It's so clean and empty!
  13. I'm a huge fan of the newbie island idea. I started on GV and definitely wouldn't have stuck with the game if I hadn't had the opportunity to learn the ropes there. I'd argue that it wasn't the closure of GV that prompted the growth, but the fact that after closure that f2p were allowed on Indy to explore and see the 'real world'. Previously they were stuck on GV as Indy/Wild were prem only. The 'pay up or leave' barrier was offputting. There's no reason now why they can't f2p on a new GV and transfer over to another server when they feel ready and eventually prem up in their own time. Best of both worlds then.
  14. [21:57:03] You have been premium a total of 42 months until Dec 2013. [21:57:03] You have been premium a total of 9 since Dec 2013. [21:57:03] You have been premium consecutively for 9 months since Dec 2013. I've had consecutive prem the whole time. Do we just accept that we're going to have been permanently screwed out of the loyalty bonus for the months we're missing?
  15. News Update: Work and Progress. Week 14

    Let them put more content in for sheep/wool before we start shouting for bunnies.