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  1. Athol Market and **** Creation Services

    Ah, sorry but no. Before i have reach that area, i'm faster building it on my own i just want to state, that this is a good price (in my opinion at least)!
  2. Athol Market and **** Creation Services

    Cool, but sadly we're not connected to the highway-system :(. But i think it is a good offer!
  3. Athol Market and **** Creation Services

    Wagons - 50c - one available is that true? 50 copper for one wagon? Or do you mean rafts?
  4. Thanks @ all for your PMs, i found a character fitting my needs. So this thread is closed ***** Original Post ***** Hello, i'm thinking to give the priesthood a try again, but i do not want to start from scratch. So i would like you to send me characters with offers, so i might take a look and decide if you prefer, you can write me via PM too. Looking for a Priest of Vynora or Libila // Uhm - am i stupid? Not sure if Libila is available on "Freedom" at all

    Please COD those: pickaxe, steel 44ql COC82 - 60c pickaxe, steel 7ql COC83 - 65c to Mordred (i will be able to get the items after my workshift, which takes a few more hours though) Thank you

    Hey, i would like to buy stone rune of Magragon, zinc 7ql - 14c stone rune of Magragon, zinc 7ql - 14c stone rune of Magragon, zinc 13ql - 26c please COD to Mordred. Thank you
  7. [Orders or Ready] Bulks items

    I would like to cancel the order, since i havent heard anything in the last 2 days from Ludwigp :(.
  8. Client update 11/AUG/18

    cool, prompt an quick help. Very much appreciated!
  9. Client update 11/AUG/18

    Same here, the stacktrace is identical to the one from Gwyn, even though my settings might be somewhat different. Alle "compatibility" features are set to "core" or "disabled" (as delievered by default).S
  10. Thank you again everyone, we were able to finish our tunnel a few days ago and it went very smoothly. We even had luck and only 5 Veins were in the path in a way we had to remove them. In every other case we were able to mine around the veins without making our plan to "sloppy". We have lots of work to do now to increase the tunnel to 2 fields wide and reinforce the walls after we increased its height and made the slopes even and such, but the most important work is done now and we again have access to clay, tar and such, which we had to get up via climbing until now Again, my thanks to all for your hints and suggestions!
  11. [Orders or Ready] Bulks items

  12. Oh darn. Yes Brash, it actually is the same. RDP stands for "Remote Dektop Protokoll". So yes, that will be the issue. That's sad Thank you Brash, for your efforts. Very kind. I guess this thread might be locked then (or what ever happens with finished threads).
  13. Hi Brash, at first i want to thank for your reply! Very much appreciated. I found an older thread (here in the boards) stating, that the "drivers might be to old", and it actually _was_ the microsoft driver in the first place --> before i updated it. Now it is the "Intel(R) HD Graphics 530" (Intel Coropration, Date 15.11.2017, Version I downloaded the driver from Intel and i even tried using the Intel Autoupdate feature, and it stated "no newer driver found". I had to reboot the server too (which was kinda bad, since i have about 6 dedicated servers running on it...and had to find a time window to reboot :)) Since it is _my_ dedicated server i have full admin rights in all cases, so yes, i am allowed to select the drivers :). It is just that i connect to _my_ server via RDP ("remote desktop") from my workplace PC. Oh - i should mention that i use Windows Server 2012 R2 on the server. It might make a difference in the driver versions that are available.
  14. Hello, is there any known way to get Wurm Online up n running using the integrated chip "Intel HD 530" graphics from a I7 6700 CPU? It's not essential, but i would like to get the game running on my dedicated server, which has no "real" grahpics-card. I would like to use it, to work a bit from my workplace (using an RDP-Connection), without having security issues or so on my workplace. But every time i start wurm, it tells me: "Could not create window with selected width and height. The error was: <Pixel format not accelerated>" I already installed the lastet intel drivers, but it didnt help. Neither did legacy or modern graphics help, or changing the options to the lowest value possible :(.