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  1. +1 because i beweave in this feature and well worked out thread
  2. Hello, i want 2 more meals please. Plate Armour Smithing and Shield Smithing please . Send it to Mordred ingame
  3. Oh, this is a bug? I thought it was intended as it is. In that case i want to mention this bug too! In Addition: If i move Items from a Bulk Storage (or similar) storage into a Wagon, Raft, Forge etc. i have to do this multiple times. It is not possible to transfer into the 2nd container like it is when moving items from BSB to another BSB (automatically over time). <-- was this understandable? I'm not sure [edit] "vom" = "from" ... [/edit]
  4. @Ostenatito - that tool is cool, yes, but sadly it does not offer difficulty 45 veins. And i find such an excelsheet easier and faster to read than to have enter "dozens" of variables in the first place Boah, that was fast, just posted and he added Difficulty 45 veins to the "grinder" page Thank you for that. But nonetheless i like the excelsheet from Vaelir. It is so nice to read and i think new players might find it easier to understand.
  5. Thanks for posting this one here too Vaelir :). I already read it while beeing ingame today. One thing to note though. If i'm not mistaken you suggest to mine only veins that are low quality (below 40 for e.g.) because you only get a skillgain when getting an ore between 1.01 and 39.99 quality. But if you use a low quality vein (for e.g. one with only 23 quality), you seem to _think_ that you will gain mining levels for each shard of QL 23. As far as i know it is not like this, even though the shard is capped at QL 23 (from the vein) it might be internally handled as a "quality 60 roll" (just as an example) and does not offer any skillgain. Anyways - nice job!
  6. Oh, might be my own fault, since i just edited my posting? But as said, the testmeal arrived fast
  7. I'm still waiting But the testmeal arrived me quite fast [Edit] Got my Pizzas too i'm happy. Thanks guys. Nice doing busines with you! A small hint to everyone that might do it like me: If you are on one server and receive an mail, go and get the content on that server, since you cannot get it on another server - i found that out the hard way...
  8. Please send a testmeal to Mordred ingame. I'm interested in 3 or 4 affinity pizzas (i might test the meal later today though, since i am at work right now). Thanks [14:39:10] You think the breakfast might give you more of an insight about knives! I would like 1 of each please: Mining Pickaxe Body Strength Mind Logic Rope Making Please send them to Mordred again Thanks!
  9. +1 sounds like a nice idea no "speedbuff" is needed on those "roads" i guess.
  10. Thanks ausimus for making that clear. I really was unsure but i thought so myself too. Sad, but it is at it is i still like the graphics shown in the main thread!
  11. +1 Maybe add more "wintry sounds" too, like footseps in snow (chrk, chrk, chrk :P), trickling snow from trees, sounds from wandering animals like squirrels (instead of "summer" birds for e.g.)
  12. Correct me if i am wrong, but if i am for e.g. a priest of Najho and after the changes the priest will more like its main god (Fo?) will he loose the newly added spells to Nahjo? For e.g. will he still be able to cast WOA after those changes? If not that would really suck, because i know at least one player who depriested from Fo to Najho and is now in the process to regain faith... (and i believe there are more than just him who did that) Basically: He made a Fo priest when there only were 4 gods (3 on PvE) available, came back a few weeks, found out about the new "Demigods", found them cool, had to depriest (since there was no way to directly convert for old players....) and now he gets "kept down" again? Or did i misunderstood that part?