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  1. [Resolved] Pristine down?

    yes, I cant log an alt in either. I do have a char logged in and its working, except for spamming 'Can't contact bank' msg. So login server is broken I guess
  2. Nice deed, easy and safe to get to. Got a new 5-speed, an old 5 speed and a couple of free 4 speeds. The available stock list here was updated quickly afterwards. Recommended. Thanks Tilda.
  3. My smart little boat after Toecutter's dye. Supreme Blue ?
  4. cod the top longsword to brasseye pls
  5. Items for sale

  6. Lost Cart and Corpse

    From central west coast: [11:28:02] The Mortisinmi is far away ahead of you to the left. [11:28:02] The corpse of Mortisinmi is far away in front of you. [11:28:02] The corpse of Mortisinmi is far away in front of you. [11:28:02] The corpse of Mortisinmi is far away in front of you. edit: facing east.
  7. WTS/PC Misc Pickaxes/Swords

    67 QL Saddle, leather WoA 53 70c Please cod to BrassEye. Thanks
  8. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    rope tool (oak), 83BOTD: 1s 51c imped to 90. cod to BrassEye please.
  9. SOLD close pls

    Needle, iron, QL 19,15, 81 Coc, 0,81s Scissors, iron, QL 5,73, 75 Coc, 0,75s cod to BrassEye pls
  10. WTS 52 Silver Coins - 50e

    Prompt and safe.
  11. SOLD close pls

    Thank you.
  12. SOLD close pls

    Grooming brush, oak QL 12,71 82 Coc 0,82s File, iron QL 46,12 79 Coc 0,79s Hammer, iron QL 16,94 83 Coc 0,83s cod to BrassEye pls.
  13. on next server (Deli) on nearest coast, they might collect you.
  14. Gallifrey's Trade Center

    Ordered 2x 85ql chain sets with full aosp from Odynn. They were delivered same day, and included were some bonus items for free. Very happy wurmians
  15. Wtb Referral

    Sold Technobear a refer with no problems