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  1. Trowel, Iron - 85.15ql - 76 Wind of Ages + 78 Circle of Cunning - 1.27s - Added (10/11/2015) Thanks! Also, Pickaxe, Iron - 85.02ql - 86 Wind of Ages - 1.03s - Added (10/11/2015) please
  2. Hey guys, looking to buy a decent quality carving knife (Maybe 70+ quality?) Bonus points if the carving knife is enchanted with WoA, or CoC (Or both!?) Reply here with your offers, or message Angharrad in game. Thanks! Have my carving knife now, thanks everyone!
  3. Hammer 90 Iron Coc[70] 70c Cod to Angharrad please
  4. IRON Saw 86 QL WOA 76 Coc 70 1 Silver Cod Angharrad thanks
  5. Hey guys, Ive got 1000 stone bricks to shift on Indy. Message me!
  6. Heya guys, im on Indepedence, looking to sell 1000 stone shards (Random quality) and 100 ql total of assorted gems. Send me a message if interested! Also, 3 sleep powder.
  7. Well, thats what we did to get it working... I mean, theres a bunch of fix threads you can check out.
  8. Yeah, we just put this "javaws http://www.wurmonlin...wurmclient.jnlp" into Run. The game launched fine after that.
  9. Hey, Im looking to sell 7k Wemp on Independence. If you are interested, leave a message or send Angharrad a message ingame for details and how much you want.
  10. Are you still interested in a job?
  11. Hey guys, im looking for general laborers who need work. No skills required. The work will be in conjunction with PE Construction ( If you are interested in work, please contact me and we can discuss details.
  12. Im online regularly, so that shouldent be a problem. I suppose its just a case of finding some orders and going from there. Either way, i appreciate the support from everyone.
  13. Considering i have no experience with the Epic cluster, itd warrant some looking into.