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  1. Misophonia is a real thing, it really sucks. It impacts my life daily in a negative way, i've gone to all the Drs and there is minimal treatment options at the moment. If I had the option to trade 10 million dollars or no misophonia, I'd go no misophonia in a heartbeat. I don't expect a bald redneck who sh!tposts on forum suggestion threads to understand Misophonia, but here is the lowdown, for a lowborn. A miswiring in the brain above the right ear - people have related it to Autism or SPD but it's neither because it gets worse as you age. People can be eating downstairs loudly, and I could be sleeping upstairs in my bedroom and I'll wake up aggravated. It's not a choice we make, I personally don't care how people eat, I regularly give my friends popcorn and chips then regret it later because I keep conflicting between not caring how people eat and my Misophonia. One major common thread for Misophonia sufferers is parental abuse as a child for eating loudly or bad manners. In my case, I had an extremely abusive mother who would inflict me physical and mental harm when I ate loudly at the dinner table - now as I age, I feel a reaction like someone is hurting me (imagine getting sucker punched outta nowhere) when I hear eating noises. My case may be that as my brain was growing and forming neural connections, the PTSD from those traumatic events miswired those noises in my brain to another feeling of pain. You know how annoying and strange feeling it is to eat loudly yourself and then get mad at yourself? lol I do for 90% of the time I've been playing WURM have had my sounds disabled, more many reasons - but it's hard when im on jackal combating rift beacons and need those alert noises.
  2. Glad i'm not the only one!! From the sounds of it, you could probably just remove the eating sounds from the game and no one would mind. lol
  3. Hello, I have a strange mental problem called Misophonia... and eating noises in general cause me a "fight or flight" response where I get really annoyed/irritated instantly. It SUCKS. I tried messing with all the sound options but there doesn't seem to be a way to disable the eating noise.... Can you please add that option? its frustrating to have to mute my sound every time i hear someone eat in game or myself eat in game. It sounds crazy I know, but would be greatly appreciated... thank you.
  4. Jackal transfer is better! thanks for that. Still not ideal, especially for WS seeing as its slower gain on jackal than freedom.
  5. No info on Jackal skill transfer and what happened exactly? WIll jackal skill transfer be buffed a little atleast?! 3 hours of grinding on freedom for a month on jackal was pretty disappointing. Especially WS, Its slower on Jackal and i only got from 14-17 for 50ws on jackal. lol
  6. So... you let your deed expire and someone took something from it and your mad? lol
  7. "Jackal Coalition" new super deed with 5 villages are merging today near Oasis! pm me in game or forums for more info!
  8. Ahh that's interesting Nirav... We should do some measurements?
  9. Hi Everyone, We at Expedition Team Bravo, have been making very active progress crushing beacons and bringing the progress bar up. As with any new map we've dropped from 30-40 active online to 5-10 active online at all times. I imagine other deeds are experiencing the same thing, and I believe it's time we consolidate other deeds into a new location near the "hotspot" as i've called it. One of our villagers, Whfawn, has noticed that she had to improve beacon quality higher and higher near the middle of the map, and now we've found a spot that she's imp'd a beacon up to 65ql and it still has not unlocked the freedom beacon powers. We have a few beacons about 500m away and they're unlocked (freedom powers active) at 61-62ql. It's my assumption that the stronghold will spawn where the freedom beacons will require 95+? quality freedom beacons to prevent ppl from deeding it's spawn area... We are still actively probing the hot spot radius with freedom beacons, and if you have 50-60+ masonry we could use your help! THE PLAN: I want to have many other deeds merge into 1 new big village near the hotspot so we can tackle more freedom beacons, and have a central spot. There are many boat canals to the inland to make this possible now. If people do not want to merge into 1 big deed, they can ally and place a deed near the superdeed. The aim is to have as many active fighters online when beacon crushing groups form. We have blacksmiths ql70+ tools, weaponsmiths 60+ and 70+ weapons, chain and plate at 70+, vyn and LT priests at 70+ channeling, knarrs, runes, all the goodies. We just need people to help win this map! PM me on forums or in game if you're interested in joining the team that will win Jackal! Thank you
  10. [14:21:36] Weapon smithing increased by 0.0004 to 51.2357 no CoC on the tool for an example.. not SB either.. but those numbers are super low... i could see tick sizes that small at maybe 65-70 skill but at 51?!... please fix! and before ya'll are like "WS has always been slow and thats the way it is" posts, there's something about jackal's timers that make WS gains even slower on this server.
  11. Man you guys need to grow a sense of humor.
  12. The skill gain is pretty terrible. What i got in Jackal in a month I could get in a couple hours on freedom =/
  13. 68 BS on Jackal, 96.11 skill on freedom, up to 96.24 50.7WS on Jackal, from 14 to 17 Was expecting to see WS go alot higher... seems like a ripoff for the amount of grinding to 50 on jackal WS is...
  14. sooo.... im not sure what exactly happened?