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  1. 100%, Jackal was awesome, they could fix a few of the pain points like the "too jagged" terrain too pretty easily.
  2. Nah, didn't require "14 years". Stop trying to troll and contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way. I feel like they were still trying to do good things with Wurm, releasing Jackal for example. It wasn't perfect, but it was a step in the right direction. Since then there's been nothing, even after all the steam release money rolled in. If there is a good valid reason for lack of development, then just tell us, we want to support Wurm. But ###### like this G-Loot just shows how far they've strayed from Wurm's original vision.
  3. Nice fanboi deflection. Fact is I suspect Game Chest to implement low hanging fruit strategies to milk this community for all they can while investing minimally back into the game we love. We haven't seen otherwise since the steam release. I'd love for someone at Game Chest to actually prove me wrong. I love this game, been in it since 2007 - but the recent patches and lack of communication from Wurm's actual leadership has me concerned.
  4. Sure, 0 to "enter the competition", but will definitely require premium to be competitive?
  5. Well, we know that Game Chest is after our $ and not really reinvesting in the game as much as they could be. This is probably another money making scheme to suck more $ out of us by hyping some kind of new server... like "new server X, must pay for premium on it to compete, you could win prizes etc, first person to 90 skill gets 100euro" etc. Makes sense with the updating of achievement tracking lately.
  6. Sooo... looks like I was still right. lol, although they finally contracted a developer which is a positive sign!
  7. Your opinion. They could literally copy the tried and true tab targeting combat loop in most other MMOs like WoW and it would be a super upgrade from what we have now. We have MUD combat system at best, with a few interface buttons so we don't have to type our commands.
  8. Needs more UI elements to let you know how the battles going, reading the combat spam output is really irritating. Why not overlay on top the screen an arrow of their new direction of attack? or improve animations to see which way they're attacking? Would be nice if they're trying something that you could react to in bullet time. This update seems like a minor patch onto an already outdated system.
  9. If anyone's wondering lol
  10. Prayer is the most ridiculous excuse for a gaming mechanic is the history of gaming. IT'S LITERALLY A LOADING BAR SKILL THAT GIVES YOU AN INCREASED NUMBER (sometimes lol). Fix that, not the fact that it's ###### boring as hell and can't get any more boring.
  11. Nice! I hike/scramble alot of mountains too. Where is this?