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  1. Your opinion. They could literally copy the tried and true tab targeting combat loop in most other MMOs like WoW and it would be a super upgrade from what we have now. We have MUD combat system at best, with a few interface buttons so we don't have to type our commands.
  2. We're talking about the dev team that actually makes prayer a little more bearable then nerfs it again, without fixing the fact that it's literally a loading bar skill. I'm afraid the era of expecting nice things from Wurm development are far behind us everything is a bandaid lately.
  3. Needs more UI elements to let you know how the battles going, reading the combat spam output is really irritating. Why not overlay on top the screen an arrow of their new direction of attack? or improve animations to see which way they're attacking? Would be nice if they're trying something that you could react to in bullet time. This update seems like a minor patch onto an already outdated system.
  4. If anyone's wondering lol
  5. You guys made a loading bar skill even more boring, GOOD JOB. It's like they're purposely trying to kill this game off.
  6. Prayer is the most ridiculous excuse for a gaming mechanic is the history of gaming. IT'S LITERALLY A LOADING BAR SKILL THAT GIVES YOU AN INCREASED NUMBER (sometimes lol). Fix that, not the fact that it's ###### boring as hell and can't get any more boring.
  7. Nice! I hike/scramble alot of mountains too. Where is this?
  8. Boom, even if they only made $50,000 in Wurm since NFI launch, and god knows they easily hit that with how many Pay 2 Win people there are on the new cluster, I had a guy drop 7 gold into our deed's token on the first few days, and he had plenty more. I'm sure he wasn't the only one - I hear some team on pvp server bought a 600x600 or something sized deed right off the bat too. The fanbois need to start realizing that there was alot of money made, and alot of money not reinvested back into the game we love. They will keep up the Pay 2 Win milking of this game (if moon metals wasn't more proof), if we let them. Next thing you know we'll get daily login rewards lol.
  9. That's fine and all - I don't mind waiting for updates if they're good and great. Regular updates on progress is vital - look at star citizen, it's been in alpha FOREVER, but they're clear communicators and have a defined roadmap and goals to meet. That keeps their players trust in RSI. Game Chest is doing the opposite, I wouldn't be surprised if they're funneling money from Wurm into other projects they feel like be more profitable. There clearly seems to be no solid leadership/ownership on Wurm since Rolf left, seems to be a bunch of people who periodically pop in and give us minor updates to give the illusion the game's still being supported. They fact that they recently enabled moon metals from Marks store shows that they're implementing more strategies to milk the playerbase for more money/pay to win instead of keeping moon metals rare from rifts.
  10. Back on topic. I've been around wurm for 14 years, and have been through the motions. To me, this all feels like game chest keeps trying to milk the game for money without having to invest much back in. The reason we're not getting roadmap updates is because there are none, if there are any, it's probably 1 guy doing most of the work himself. I'm sure if the dev team was excited for new features they were making, they'd send previews to Retro to engage the community with and keep us excited. Alot like they did with bridges, new GUI, and most other new wurm features. Samool posted about hiring more devs a while ago - we didn't hear anything after that either. LIke RainRain said - it's been dead for months now. The fanbois who think 100 people servers and "niche" is fine - are just lying to themselves. We all want to play the Wurm Online we imagine the game could be. Wurm has so much potential even in this era, the only things holding it back are it's legacy codebase and it's leadership's investment in further development. Perhaps custom dev on Wurm Unlimited will be the real future of Wurm, like SWG Legends and all the added content the devs of Legends have added to base SWG game.
  11. Fast forward, still nothing from Devs/Game Chest.. meanwhile they're still not investing in new content. Just spamming ads on Perhaps we should agree to all not renew our prem until they release some new content they outlined in the roadmap?