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  1. HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA I wish, they dont release maps on purpose, for the sake of EXPLORATION (and suffering) Plus home made maps are pretty fun
  2. I really like the safezone idea. This will allow PvE minded players to still contribute and feel included in the village without having to go out of their comfort zone. Giving more reason for players to keep playing by contributing to group goals is very important.
  3. Borders seem too thick, so busy. So many different fonts and font sizes The UI isn't actually making the game THAT much easier if you want to attract the money from the younger generation, they're used to Minecraft. love the 3rd person views hitting V now Right clicking, and clicking examine doesn't make the menu disappear now. Might wana add a "pin" to toggle that on or off. -- duplicate texts... this should look alot better and cleaner when doing pop up dialogs. It still feels a cross between IRC old school MMOs and trying to be something more but really coming up short. Also, a texture on every piece of the UI really adds to it's busyness feeling... so much going on will really just push new players away. UI's nowadays need to be more like Apple's.. simple, clean and intuitive.
  4. Hmm.. maybe merge with our superdeed and then you guys can go found the PvP Deed when the server opens? You could benefit from our WS/AS/BS peeps in the meantime and we could benefit from your pelts
  5. Anyone know if we'll be able to reserve our current names for the new steam system?
  6. Hey Gianna! I may be down for this, and I'm sure a bunch of people in my village will be too! Lets work together
  7. Literally made Wurm World News back in 2014 , - note this village was built with all brand new chars, no veteran chars were allowed at the time Lit
  8. I believe we'll have to establish a homeowners association this time around eh
  9. Hey Everyone! Introduction Most of you know me as Phennexion or Mitchy, or Movu. I started Wurm back in 2007 when it totally sucked as a newbie and quit like 4 times before I got really hooked. Since then I've led many successful villages on Wurm with most of Wurm's biggest names. My passion in Wurm is organizing and leading people to victory! I have more fun doing that than playing, although I can grind with the best of them. Most recently alongside some AMAZING players, we led the Jackal Expedition Team and won the Jackal server. Before that I led villages on Xanadu Release - Newspring City (the highest population village in wurm history?), Black Summit on Wild and Epic release, multiple PVP based villages on challenge servers, chaos, affliction, etc. Now with the Steam release, I'm setting my sights on making the biggest and most successful city in the new lands, but I'll need your help! ViIllage structure We're mature, progressive, hard working and dedicated to the village goals. We do not cater well to "I just want to do my own thing" type players. We've been super successful in Wurm with this mentality and people who think the same way will thrive here. If you'd like a leadership position in the village, that would be appreciated to help cover time zones! Lets build your ideas and utilize teamwork to make it come true! We love to innovate. We will ideally split the village into your level of play style. PvP server and PvE Server, being able to teleport back and forth as you prefer. We will be using shared crafting accounts (within game rules) to help the deed on off-timezone hours and help minimize grind-burnout. It does not have a Village name yet! Help us decide How to help plan/join the Village Join our Jackal Expedition Team discord, there are channels there we are using to help plan this all out as our main core group is there at the moment. Thanks, looking forward to doing great things together!!
  10. Hmm, I feel that if the player can use the mouse wheel to scroll through the options, or use arrow keys, or swipe on mobile on a touch screen that could work. It could also be like "highlight" and then "select" and choose the option. Hell, copy the fortnight building menu, it's obviously working for them lol Problem with the select bar is that it's not obvious enough. Whole idea being that the options appear as soon as you mouse over in some manner. Most of us would use the tried and true right click, it's just that there needs to be a system that's simpler for new players who don't think like we do.
  11. That's awesome, I like everything so far but the right click menu needs another option instead of right clicking everything. KIDS THESE DAYS "TLDR;" THE RIGHT CLICK MENU. It's too tedious for them. If you want to win over the mine craft generation and make the big bucks you need to make a super simple UI. Something that pops up in their face with all the options possible whenever they change their view to a new object. Like, auto-right clicking lol. Most of Gen Z is that lazy, yes, I work in technology in a school and see them using computers everyday. To give you an idea, they literally hit Capslock, type their capital, then hit capslock again instead of hitting Shift... they don't think of technology the same way we do. Imagine a whole generation of people raised on Apple devices and they're all used to interacting the way they do on an iPad. I tried to get some of the kids in my school into the game and the right click menu was just too cumbersome and complicated for them.