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  1. I was still wondering this so thanks for the necro lol
  2. Eir

    I would have quit Wurm and never played again if it wasn't for her help in 2007-2008. We became fast friends on the wild server after and 13 years later im still playing Wurm! Amazing person and she'll be missed!
  3. The monthly cost is 26 silver and 46 copper at Verdant Bay
  4. As someone who ran the largest team of players actually completing the Jackal objectives and winning the map - Jackal was an amazing idea, and decently executed. Episodic content is definately where you want to go if you want to make money in wurm. I've been playing wurm for 13 years and that was the first sign of something really new and exciting in wurm. Jackal was able to take a team of people and have them committed to the overall goal, and that kept deeds together, because it wasn't about petty freedom drama - just about completing the maps objective and focusing on that, that does wonders for playerbase retention. Jackal saw a sharp decline because those players who didnt mind losing their houses didnt get a decent skillgain or reward back from investing time in Jackal previously. The skins from Jackal points? cmon... they're so boring they were insulting. Two things you need to fix to make jackal better. Use freedom skill gain (not epics system), and have ticks transfer back to main characters. Who cares if people get more skill on their main char while working on one that will get deleted? Just make people feel like their time is well spent. Reduce the damn slope of the spikey terrain, everyone agrees it was infuriating, even with wetas. Just cut the max slope of the jagged terrain by like 5-10. Change those two things, and you can have a 3 month cycling server that will keep people totally entertained for a long time. I think the "heap of work" is just a cop-out. GM's and Enki mainly probably had a blast with the stronghold at the end. It wasn't anything fancy, but when we had 30-40 warriors in local all fighting back the hoards, it built such a wonderful community with players that don't normally play together. Friendships made on jackal are everlasting. You can keep the same Jackal map even if it's alot of work, just change the stronghold location. Thats something you can never do with Freedom in a decent amount of time. Jackal gave that "new start" feeling while still keeping your old character.
  5. They were off playing some other game watching their money roll in and they were like "OH ######, They caught on, lets abate them with some "catching up" post and make some quick favor changes...ok we're good for another couple months".
  6. Your too closed minded, just have it count the people but still have a timer without alignment change, set a flag on each player if they attended a sermon recently. sheesh.
  7. Then take away alignment change for when your more than 5 tiles away.. simple.
  8. One of the biggest problems we have on our giant deed is that no one wants to leave the cave that we're in because it's a pain to run back every 20-30 min for a sermon. We have beautiful buildings and houses, but no one can work in their workshop or grind away from our deed main building where the altars are housed because of sermon radius. Not keeping people shackled down to 1 main building will be great for deed growth. Sometimes it takes our people 15 min to stop what they're digging on far side of deed and walk back to the altars for sermon. So most of us just work from the building with the altars to counter this. Also, when people want their own houses - but they dont wana be stuck in the sermon place, they get anxiety not attending a sermon or get annoying having to run back and forth all the time. Can they just allow sermons to be deed wide? I know it doesn't make sense realistically, but we have lots of cases of WOGIC already. Thoughts?
  9. With your expert advice, looks at how well Wurm is dying again two months after new cluster release. Same story over and over again. Because all that works so well right? No one needs anything else *rolls eyes*. I've been playing this game on and off for 13 years, I've seen this same endless cycle over and over. Jackal was our glimmer of hope that Wurm dev team is actually considering doing more for us on the PvE end.
  10. Well duh, but in wurm PvE it's literally minecraft. Actually minecraft has more content end game than wurm does. lol, some dragon u gotta fight at the end? But with no unifying objective in PvE theres nothing for players to focus on or group up for, other than make work projects.