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  1. Path of Exile: Synthesis

    I looove PoE, im SirMitchy on sythesis if you wana run some maps building out a Winter Orb trickster to see how well it works
  2. PC/Possible Sell Vyn Priest: Siegfried

  3. Not sure what he's worth nowadays, would appreciate a PC. Has premium until Apr 6 If the price is right i'll probably sell him! Thanks!
  4. LMAO Gold 1 Comedy found

    lol, good times, i miss LO!
  5. animals on cliffs in wurm

    bored at work so i made a meme lol
  6. seromon group

    L8 cele, Skyforge, tons of priests with active links all day. 10 active priests daily, lots of links available too
  7. WTS things....

    4s for stone chisel?
  8. Celebration Map

    Deed: Skyforge Loc: Y27, x5, replacing mountain mines
  9. Skyforge - Channeling Co-Op Deed

    Up to 3 Nahjo, 5 Vyn and 2 Paaweelr! Lots of high ql tools and items being grinded out! We finished the bridges up the mountain as well!!
  10. How do YOU hide your Wurm at work?

    a l33t wall of SSDs of course
  11. Skyforge - Channeling Co-Op Deed

    Up to 2 Nahjo, 4 Vyn, and 2 Paaweelr!
  12. closed

  13. WTS 2 toons Vyn Priest and Crafter

    sent Pm no reply
  14. sold

    premium price for premium tool premium enchants in my opinion lol