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  1. Perhaps it is silly, but suggesting that it be locked down or removed is equally silly. So what if someone new reads this thread??? It is educational in some respects. I thought most of us agreed that turd-polishing and cover-ups are part of the reason Wurm is in the state it is in today? Freedom of speech should prevail. Players have precious few tools to properly educate ourselves and others on these matters, and this forum is one of them. I facepalm just thinking of how many posts have been edited or deleted over the years. I say let the information flow. . . for better or for worse . . . and within the guidelines of game/forum rules, of course. (not all of which I agree with, such as erasing the past transgressions of players and letting them start over.) If there was a tried and true way of banning griefers permanently (100% accurately, based on the person in real life's true identity), I would wholeheartedly 1000% support it. But alas, we have technological limitations and privacy laws abound, so we are left with community conversations, some of which are stored here, in the forums. Please carefully consider the consequences of removing threads like this. They server a larger purpose.
  2. I like this idea. I wish I knew of some public mines to share locations of. When bridges came out, I was hard pressed to find any Tin or Zinc in my area. Had to wander around and find someone kind enough to give me a few spare lumps.
  3. Complete Inventory and Price List [Click Here] Delivery Fees: Based on distance, negotiable. General Delivery hours: 6PM - 11PM Monday thru Friday [CST] 8AM - 11PM on Weekends [CST] *Coastal pickups must be scheduled in advance, PM MrFusion in the forums or in-game for more information* For 2014 references when I was on Release, see this archived link: Thanks, MrFusion [on Xanadu]
  4. May people like this burn in a special hell.
  5. 100% agree. Game mechanics need to change or the STAFF ATTITUDE needs too, that includes the owner/operator. I've come back after a 1 year break, and I'm dealing with Xanadu lag and seeing a long-time and honest trader (Gnome) getting pissed-off. I've seen multiple power-players (people that spent a lot of time playing) that got mad at the way the staff handled things (or didn't handle them) and left for greener pastures. Lag is one thing. Poor customer service is another. People can forgive lag, if it is explained to them, and they are kept updated. Why do I feel like I'm wasting my time here. . . . .
  6. Map dump could explain it. But geesh, they should put up an auto-repeater in the chat to explain it to people. (if that is the case.)
  7. Xanadu Lag

    1. Fix it (if possible) 2. Reboot server (if that is the only temp-fix available) 3. Explain to us what is happening in the back-end. Some of us like to hear technical details, so feel free to be detailed. 3a. Is it DDOS? Is it new code issues? Is it a particular player causing it somehow? (Someone mentioned pathfinding 100+ bison locked in a 1x2 house then released would 'wreak havoc'?) 3b. If the source of the problem is know, is there a fix in the works, and what is the ETA? 4. Thank you.
  8. Yeah, our deed is a smaller subset of tiles that are fenced in. Mobs spawned in the non-deed tiles sometimes. We would just kill them off in good time, increase our FS a bit, and Wurm life went on. We became accustomed to this life because this was the way of the world. Or so we thought. We never paid for a Templar (too expensive) We never bothered fencing in the 'exact' border of our deed. Why would we? We imagined expanding someday, so perhaps our large fenced in area would eventually be all deed tiles. Maybe, maybe not. So many variables. Nearby deeds. Nearby structures. A neighbor reappeared after 5 months of being idle and reclaimed his area. So we were content with our area. Expansion at this point would mean disbanding to move the token. (Crazy idiotic logic...why must we pay so much?) But all that aside, I was working on a Knarr, the wife tending the fields and the animals. One day, we log on. I drag myself out of virtual bed and head to the wagon outside my house. I embark as the driver. Why won't my wagon move? I look down. There are dead bison all around me. The horror! Much ranting in Freedom and CA HELP ensued. Standard responses from standard people, obviously either unaffected by the change, or simply mind-###### by previous screw-overs similar to this one. The wife and I say that it must be an April fools joke. She lost all her cows. They took a long time to acquire and breed, without spending any silver I might add. We realize this is just a small aspect to the game overall, but she spends most of her time either farming or doing Animal Husbandry stuff. I would just like to state that this was the first time that a ninja-patch on Wurm has severely affected our game play. We've heard other people whine and complain over the last 6 months about different things, and how Wurm has 'always been doing stupid things like XYZ.' But this is the first time that really burned us..... Again, if this is an April Fools joke, then congratulations, it looked extremely convincing. But just knowing a few things about database and how clients interact with servers, i doubt very much if I could pick up the corpse of a 'fake dead' bison. So congrats. You might've lost yet more customers.....customers that would have probably been content paying your 60% higher subscription fees for at least a few more years.
  9. Assuming this isn't an April Fools joke, I'm OK with the "change itself", but you gotta let people know in we can acclimate to the new PHYSICS of the virtual worlds. If this is April Fools, then hats off, because you coded it to look like Bison and Cows and other things are dead, and you are going to resurrect them somehow after today? Thats a lot of forethought.....but I see our creature ratio on our deed is the same as last night, so I'm thinking the animals that are 'lying down' will get up again soon enough. If not, you might've lost a few paying customers, because we don't spend our time AND OUR MONEY to put up with this kind of crap. LOL
  10. I too think the people saying "It's the way it has always been" are part of the problem, and not part of the solution. Even if a reimbursement does not happen, just knowing that we helped prevent this happen in the future to unsuspecting players by getting a new feature added, will be a reward within itself. (EVEN IF IT WARNS YOU WHEN YOU PLACE IT, you might not remember that MONTHS/YEARS LATER.)
  11. +1 I agree with the sentiment that this is something that should be handled as a 'customer service' event. Even a 'client developer' mentioned above that they may consider this a bug. Everything is logged, so it would be easy enough to confirm the mistake was made, right? If not wanting to spend effort on it right away, a 50s reimbursement would probably be the quickest solution. I will be interested to see the end result of this...
  12. Transaction Log 3-18-2014 2100 Rock Shards - Delivered 3-23-2014 50kg Iron Ore 50ql+ - Delivered 3-24-2014 21 gems 10ql or less - Sent COD
  13. Complete Inventory and Price List [Click Here] Delivery Fees: Release - 10c Pristine - 50c General Delivery hours: 6PM - 11PM Monday thru Friday [CST] 8AM - 11PM on Weekends [CST] *Coastal pickups must be scheduled in advance, PM MrFusion in the forums or in-game for more information* Thanks, MrFusion [on Release]
  14. I bought a 5 slot belt here. Very fair price. Conveniently located. Don't know how I've been living with my newb 2-slotter this whole time.
  15. Yeah, I need to make a trip down there with my 3 alts again. Been distracted with the update and other personal projects. Getting large crates in my Lg Cart will make the trip more worthwhile....even moreso when I get myself a Wagon made. Or I could get my Corbita down there...but that would take forever...hmmm...but might be worth it.... I have limited playtime unlike all you unemployed jerks out there. So I have to choose how I waste my time very carefully....hehe