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  1. + new server = new players = new pvp = new fun
  2. Client helper mod

    U can just lock this class.
  3. Client helper mod

    Public bot. Rip WU
  4. Conquest PVP - 3x/3x - heavily modded

    [20:48:01] Bartlor slain by Death Buldog Babuly [20:51:14] Whoisdis slain by Ildar Buldog Death [20:52:53] Bartlor slain by Kitsune Barada Geschirre Artemjus Sabaka Dimitr [20:53:12] Theman slain by Kitsune Soulrus Buldog Ildar Death Geschirre Barada Sabaka [20:56:44] Zentil slain by Judi Death Buldog Babuly Snake [20:57:17] Kizmet slain by Soulrus Babuly Death Buldog Ildar Snake [21:00:14] Zentil slain by Death Babuly [21:01:19] Zentil slain by Babuly [21:02:57] Zentil slain by Ildar Death Babuly [21:05:48] Zentil slain by Soulrus Death Babuly Barada [21:10:53] Xxchevxxthex.xslayaxxx slain by Soulrus Kitsune Buldog Barada Snake Death Ildar Dimitr Sabaka [21:12:17] Theman slain by Soulrus Death Ildar Babuly Artemjus [21:13:45] Whoisdis slain by Soulrus Anniegard Death Barada Sabaka Geschirre Ildar Snake [21:16:26] Theman slain by Babuly [21:19:17] Billnye slain by Babuly Death [21:30:08] Stonecutter slain by Kitsune Geschirre Buldog Sabaka [21:31:45] Billnye slain by Kitsune Sabaka Ildar Babuly Buldog Dimitr Geschirre Snake [21:32:05] Xxchevxxthex.xslayaxxx slain by Anniegard Kitsune Death Geschirre Barada Ildar Dimitr Artemjus Babuly [21:36:17] Stonecutter slain by Death Babuly [21:39:58] Billnye slain by Kitsune Sabaka Ildar Geschirre Death Babuly [21:42:00] Whoisdis slain by Kitsune Babuly [21:57:53] Billnye slain by Soulrus Misterchu Geschirre Dimitr Buldog Smartrein Sabaka [22:09:00] Xxchevxxthex.xslayaxxx slain by Barada Death Buldog Babuly [22:14:18] Hannibal slain by Kitsune Anniegard Barada Death Dimitr Snake [22:18:26] Xxchevxxthex.xslayaxxx slain by Kitsune Soulrus Death Smartrein Snake [22:21:01] Billnye slain by Anniegard Kitsune Death Buldog Babuly [22:35:34] Wulfgar slain by Soulrus Ildar Babuly Geschirre Death Barada Buldog [22:37:32] Stonecutter slain by Soulrus Death Geschirre Ildar Buldog [22:38:47] Stonecutter slain by Ildar Babuly Death
  5. Conquest PVP - 3x/3x - heavily modded

    C'mon. a large group here
  6. Reducing PVP FUD

    strange reaction
  7. Hyper Core PvP 7.5x
  8. The Truth about WU servers

  9. Dig to Build PVP 2k Map 7.5x 4x 12hr Hota

    i like this