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  1. I have pmed Enki, waiting on more info and have taken your advise and not discussed it on the forums Thanks for your assistance Tristanc
  2. Please let me play wurm again!
  3. I have never been banned, been playing warm for 7 years. Aomeone advised me me not to discuss it on the forums so I won't . I will say it was nothing of my own doing and I plan on appealing it!
  4. How do I get in contact with staff?
  5. How do I appeal a permanent ban?
  6. Apparently my account has been permanently banned, where do I go to appeal that?
  7. Cod stix the 70ql rare pick for 5.5s please
  8. I have a black Drake set, missing sleeves and cap, most around 90ql, looking for offers in Euro.
  9. WTS rare iron 96ql 100 imbue 94woa pick [19:52:07] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [94] [19:52:07] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves mining max ql [100] I'm not good with all the fancy looking posts sorry, I'm asking 35 Euro but will consider lower offers. Cheers Stix
  10. Love to know what ya paying for a dragon egg? I'm assuming it would be between 500 and 1,000 Euro?
  11. 1S each for the 2 80ql Saddles w80 w76
  12. ROS

    Anyone know when the next Right of spring will be cast?
  13. Pick please cod to stix
  14. How much for 2100 in large crates including the crates delivered to q10 Xanadu?
  15. 2.5s for under 25ql 3s up to 50ql 3.5 up to 75ql 4s for over 75ql buying goblin leader blood for 2.5s
  16. Wtb black drake boot, reply or pm me price please
  17. Closed

    Wtb 75 silver for 62 euro, reply or pm me, Ingame name Stix
  18. Take 6S for the 3 potions of mining? if so cod to Stix
  19. WTG rares

    I would love the rare hammer!
  20. Sprouts

    Where is summerholt?