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  1. +1 like the ideas for ice creation...
  2. If able can you cod one Hots tower to Despise please and thanks
  3. Close Pls

    Please cod Hatchet (botd 92) 80.32 and Pickaxe (botd 85) 80.23 Thanks. To Despise
  4. Please cod Longsword (NIM73LT72COC78) 3.50 silver and Huge Axe (NIM92LT88COC71) 4.30 silver to Despise Thanks.
  5. +1 for cement to be free of slope restrictions on Freedom.
  6. Yes pvp and normally I get the message not within kingdom lands or some such...which means I need a tower. This message is something new to me.
  7. [12:43:11] Some settlement nearby requires Malice to be a citizen or ally. I'm not a citizen in any deed, nor am I part of any alliance. What gives?
  8. Sklotopolis - PVE

    So when you say, NO priest penalties it means absolutely none...digging,imping,building and etc.?
  9. Sklotopolis - PVE

    This is great news, look forward to spending a lot of time on this server.
  10. Sklotopolis - PVE

    This may very well be an epic WU server, however for my group grinding for several hours for silver isn't really clicking for me. I play WU servers to escape the grind back home on WO. I hope there will be some type of starter money to allow people to set up deeds. When that happens, we will be back. Best of luck until then.
  11. Moorlands - [RP PvP]

    +1 Interesting concept. Had some fun early on....I did love the map...but the rock and terrain where my group settled...not friendly.
  12. Looking for a server I can just play as HotS, in a pve setting..In most I can become a follower but not a priest, doing that makes me an enemy of Freedom. If you even manage to find a server that still has a bone altar available, you will not be able to start a deed or build a "HotS tower" I think an all HotS pve server would be an interesting addition, for people who like the theme and setting of HotS, but not the obligatory pvp. Anyone has one up and running please leave a reply thanks.
  13. Wyvern

    Liblila on Wyvern pve.
  14. Why would you put a bone altar on WU servers if your unable to still be part off the Freedom community. I have waited years to play a priest of Libila on a pve server thought WU was the answer seeing how there is a black light on the servers. Implement this please. I recently on WU converted to Libila and was placed into hots, which would be fine If thats working as intended, heck more then fine.