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    WELCOME TO WOLFPACK CLOTHING STORE ! We offer all kinds of clothes - old and new dyed . Why stick to a boring style? Make your character different than everyone else! We have here wonderful colors, clothes from your dreams for your priest or working char. Become a unique and recognizable person in the game ! Today we offer sublime collection of hoods We can prepare any ql for you - let's say 70 ql - to 90 ql. The whole cloth set 90 ql old style 1s total. (70 ql - 80c ; 80 ql - 90c) New colors dyed 90 ql set - 1,5s total ( 70 ql - 1,3s ; 80 ql - 1,4s) CHEAP CLOTH IMP - INCLUDING MEDITATION RUGS For more details PM Shewolf or Irbiska or leave message on forum. AND SOME OTHER COMBINATIONS
  2. Colosus from Sandstone

    Like idea of colossus with sandstone..even if it will be old models, but diff material We can do Vyn with marble, mag with sandstone and slate Libila
  3. Archeology Small token use

    great idea ! I have plenty tokens..all floor in house.. especially love treasure map idea or at least smelting

    TYVM for order Grimruff
  5. Jola's Wonderful World of Dyes

    TY for great dyes Jola You're the best. I highly reccomend your excellent work

    Tyvm for order , what ql you want me to cod ?
  7. Wurm on

    nice idea +1
  8. Blood bay sold there is piebald pinto 5 speed female Jollylily atm
  9. TYVM , it was real pleasure Good luck and happy wurming!
  10. New 5 speed horsies (young and adol) added to pens: Northchaser male black, Earsbrisk male golden, Sweetfancy female brown, Swiftebony female lood bay, Happybaron male black. Only 25c (40c for blood bay) for 5 speed with some extra good traits
  11. Masks stand

    I think we need masks stand Now I collect them in magical chest, but they are so nice I could use them to house decoration.. Anything to display them as an interesting and beautiful item. And no decay on masks when on stand ofc.. http://
  12. Grats for Legendary Architect title Wiluss ! 100 carp ho ho
  13. The red cherry

    I'm really disappointed ... I have a good character, many years of playing, this prize is like a slap in the face... For me it was not worth trying to finish the goals.. Much of the west, compared to my friends' rewards, the game treated me just not fair.. I understand its random, but still ..Also some goals impossible for my imp stuff ..
  14. new ships in pens welcome all customers!
  15. Great project, nice always Wiluss
  16. Sermons at Xanadu

    Highly recommend this sermon group Nice ppl, no fights about sermon queue. Everything a priest could want in one place : altars, high ql aff food made by the host (ty Qdlaty ) for each priest personally, fresh juice, water, med rugs with high coc, beds, mailbox in same building. Save yourself long weeks when your priest hard-won 0,04- 0.05 faith daily, standing by altar like crazy ... Here you can get faith gains 0,26-0,30 each sermon, which is gorgeous. My Nahjo priest Wyczesanymieczyslaw casts for the first time in his life 'Rite of Spring' in this beautiful place I came here with two priests, Wyczesanymieczyslaw (Nahjo) and Llynx (Vynora) - both left the place with 100 faith Greetings from Irbiska and Shewolf
  17. Valrei International. 049

    Boats wood types! yes, yes, yes! I want my cherry and willow knarr back again really really great idea !
  18. please close

    4 x saw, 4 x carving pls
  19. +1 for flags, banners for each server also unique animals for each server will be great
  20. WTS Last of This Lot !

    pls cod to Irbiska : Potions Of Leather Working @ 36 QL ................1.50s Rare Net Trap @ 36 QL ............. 40c
  21. WTS Tickets for sailing boats Event!

    4 Irbiska, cherrywood
  22. Impalong 2018 -- Glasshollow Market

    Pls add Irbiska to kitchen, will cook some meals for ppl.
  23. Impalong 2018 -- Glasshollow Market

    As I said ..."It will be any fishing or sailing contest? If so, I can do any ship as a reward, if you guys want it ofc " I can deliver wool strings. Pls add Irbiska to rooms : carpentry, finecarp, blacksmithing, shipbuilding and Shewolf char to clothtailoring.