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  1. The very same reasons I love this community so much as well. Always warming heart to read these experiences to make people happy and work together. Also, loved the way you wrote this, truly felt your excitement and could relate to that!
  2. Kyklops Slaying

    Ah, these super-American timetables... Past midnight in Europe. Would love to join, we'll see if I can make it.
  3. i cannot connect

    Servers are just shutting down for quick maintenance. Wait for 30 mins or so and try again, if the problem was only that.
  4. Retro answered to similar thread and they are aware of this bug.
  5. WMADD LatLng(205.090035, 528.375)=New Whisperfell ; Mailbox
  6. Indeed, I have had once in over 7 years an issue that the "admin" in the middle has triggered some kind of reaction on all those games I have ever played.
  7. Hello! So after 5 days off from Wurm, I had finally time to login to the game. However, I cannot connect because of the message: "connection denied: this character name is not allowed or is considered inappropriate". I have played with a character called Kadminty since the launch of Harmony and haven't had any problems earlier. And I cannot see why the character name would be anyhow inappropriate...? Does anyone have a clue on what is going on? EDIT: Also tried my main character, Kadmint, and the login works just fine.
  8. I have seen some critters every now and then, I take usually a proper hunting trip in order to find them. I have noticed though that some areas are basically empty, there are no critters at all. So there are mobs, but you need to make a little trip to find them, they are most likely not waiting for you on your backdoor, unless you live on a desert, where the crocodile and scorpion infestation occurs.
  9. Suddenly kicked out, cannot connect. Is it down? Well, according to server status Harmony and Cele are down: http://www.wurmonline.com/status-new/
  10. Hey guys! Good to hear you are doing so well, I love watching your deed getting more established everyday. I was wondering, did you have any plans on building a bridge south of you, to connect the beach line? I represent SHA, Southern Harmony Alliance, a local alliance living just south of Verdant Bay. We have multiple deeds connected already and we would like to participate on bridge project, if that is something you wish to do. We certainly do!
  11. Friendly bump, absolutely great mailbox creating and enchanting package service!
  12. Can totally recommend, I have sent them many items, decent pricing and nice service!
  13. Hello! I didn't find anything related to this bug, so here it goes. I have turned off the non-English CA chat from profile. Every time server restarts, it bounces back visible again and the profile setting has been reset, back to "on" button. And I always have to manually go to profile settings to turn it off. Probably not ideal to have one setting to be manually turned off each time server restarts.
  14. Thanks for this guide, will certainly try out!
  15. +1 They indeed should be separated.
  16. I think he meant on creatures in general, that might require taming before breeding. About the idea itself, it's a wild one and I wouldn't mind of that.
  17. I have the same issue, the crops have grown very slowly. They are at middle stage right now. I assume that the lag caused them to grow slower, because ever since the lag was dealt with, they continued to grow again.
  18. [09:43:43] Farming increased by 0,0104 to 92,0012

  19. The item you are looking for is fishing line these days. Search that on Wurmpedia, that should help you along. Also in-game journal provides a guide on how to fish.
  20. We are active as ever! If you need more information in-game, tag @Kadmintor @DaletheGood !
  21. Rift - 7 Apr 2020

    We had splendid rift raid! Bunch of people showed up. Thank you everyone for joining!
  22. Rift - 7 Apr 2020

    We found a way in! We have mined the collapsed tiles so the road is passable. -> Go to Doom tunnel. If you are heading from Summerholt, turn on the first section you come across on the right side. It is around the steppes just north from Doom tunnel. -> Follow the tunnel up. Go across the steppes via road. You come to a T section road, head right on the next tunnel. -> Continue as far as you can via roads and tunnels and you'll end up to the rift.