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  1. Mine took about a week to get fat from grazing on crops.
  2. Works for Smithing. Went from 0.00799 to 0.01xx
  3. What OS are you running? Do you maybe have Windows firewall stuck on? I know for me it doesn't always turn off when I tell it to. Are you running Norton or Mcaffee, those have caused me tons of headaches in the past for simply running a internet program. I ask because sometimes it's the stupid little stuff and I hope that's just the case for you. I am running Windows 10, Connected from modem to wireless router and didn't have to do anything special with our ports to show up in LAN.
  4. Might be a stupid question, but did you remember to hit the start server button if you spent a lot of time messing with all the other settings?
  5. Some people have economy as part of their server. We happen to have deed cost on, everyone starts with a small amount of silver to start a decent sized deed, then you can earn more coin to expand or trade with each other.
  6. From my understanding that option is not available this time in WU.
  7. Go to Settings and on the Game tab uncheck "Censor bad language"
  8. We are suppose to be able to run it on linux at release per Warlander.
  9. If you have auto update on, I believe it should download as soon as it's available.
  10. My group has used this server for hosting minecraft just fine (along with other things). We will be using it to host our WU server as well. A lot more affordable than a dedicated server.
  11. If you want to be able to access it from work and it's not feasible for you to keep the server up and running on your computer at home you should probably join someone elses server. Keep an eye out for postings on the server listings.
  12. I know the client will only run on windows, but will the server file work off a hosted linux server? It's not clear in the FAQ. Thanks!