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  1. Looking for any ql supreme bowl, must be metal, please tell me your price when you contact me. thanks in advance!
  2. This is a really good idea, this is exactly what Wurm Online needs! I'll definitely be returning to playing due to this great change to the rules, I can't wait to see what Wurm will look like in 5 years now!
  3. Sounds like you've forgotten the dog fighting ring I ran on your Deli deed
  4. I was trying to turn off the ambient fire noise from a fireplace and after unchecking every single box. I found that the ambient fire noise is linked to player emote noises. no fire noises fire noises Shouldn't it be under Ambient Sounds? EDIT: There are also ambient noises linked to PM Alerts. With everything except PM Alerts turned off, you still get weather noises, eating noises, birds chirping, and owls hooting.
  5. Good catch, I've edited the page to say both examples, for better clarification. Thanks! Edit: Changed back due to further clarification from Rixk. Appears steeper likely means the tile must not be 10 dirts steeper than the surrounding tiles.
  6. Yes please! +1 and bridles too!
  7. I think a marriage aspect would be a great addition to Wurm, and quite easily done.
  8. Any love for the baby hellhorses? This little cinder guy was born today
  9. I love this song, I heard a cover of it that was pretty unique too. Think both are pretty awesome songs.
  10. Still plenty of BO to be had, sadly. These responses make me think it's time to suggest a camp shower for Wurmians!
  11. +1 I wish we could store more than 100 in a satchel, but c'est la vie. Definitely needs an adjustment to volume
  12. +1 I think all Hell animals should give coal.
  13. It does appear to be accurate, as the loyalty bonus links to the reimbursements section for the settlement token. However, I have changed the link to the legacy loyalty page which has more information, and added the same link to the reimbursements section of the token page. Thanks!