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  4. Still taking offers.
  5. The problem is, I can leave my character in that state for hours, and it still won't log out. There is no 'limited amount of time' that it's logged in for, it just remains logged in. The accounts are logged in, in houses on pve servers, so all it does it drain food and water bars, and prevent sleep bonus gain. I'll work on getting the console log when I have the time, but my main concern is the character staying logged in, not the crashes.
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  9. I did search to see if this has been reported before, but saw nothing, maybe I'm blind? My client crashes constantly while I'm logged into Wurm, no matter what my settings are. But even though the client is no longer running on my computer, my character stays logged on and will not log off, every single disconnect results in this. The only way I can get the character logged out, is if I log in again and disconnect properly. [17:30:25] Player has logged in on Exodus. Disconnect happens within 30 seconds of logged in. [17:54:17] Player has logged in on Exodus. Logging in, crashes almost immediately. [17:54:46] Player has logged in on Exodus. Second relog successful, disconnecting properly. [17:34:52] Player lost link. [17:34:52] Player left the world. This happens with all characters I can log into. There is no crash message, so I normally don't even know it's disconnected until I go to tab to that account.
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  11. https://i.imgur.com/AcU0sN8.png Verified paypal only. 250e. Taking offers.
  12. Excuse me, his name was Lester. How very dare you forget that.
  13. I would like to name my first born child after you, these pizzas are fantastic!
  14. As king I approve of this kingdom.