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  1. I would like to name my first born child after you, these pizzas are fantastic!
  2. As king I approve of this kingdom.
  3. Wow! This is an amazing store! Worked great, thanks!
  4. Can you beat Jibberish in a spar? If so, apply today!
  5. Never forget
  6. Never forget
  7. Don't be just another cog in the wheel, join Wurm University today
  8. Hemz is really needy
  9. I'm back, so it's time for me to bump this thread! [21:26:37] You start to tend to aged fat Lad.
  10. sounds more like it's a bug then.
  11. I want cupid gnomes! that make random 'nice' emotes at anyone in local.
  12. honestly same
  13. Come break free from the restrictions of freedom in a friendly, fun atmosphere, new or old, all players welcome.