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  1. I think the OP is suggesting that a reinforced vein would be able to be mined, and once empty changes to a reinforced cave wall. If that way both on and off deed I think it solves that issue quite well
  2. All rope maker potions to Xor please
  3. Had no idea I agree it shouldn’t be more restrictive than what we already have, but also thinking any amount of free deed for free toons can cause too many problems.
  4. you can place a deed in WO without being premium? I thought you had to be premium to even receive a deed writ in the first place, let along place one yourself.
  5. I’m afraid allowing free players any size of deed would open potential for much more griefing or land grabbing without paying anything into the game.
  6. Someone else mentioned levels of premium, IE Silver, Gold, etc. maybe allow a basic basic premium for max skills and say 2 toons, additional perks including free deed up to X amount of tiles or something, additional toon limit. Things that wouldn’t at all be needed or create a p2w scenario but would offer a convenience or discount for a sort of “bulk” purchase. I like most suggestions on a restructured premium system, and would love to see the dev’s / powers at be discussing a potential change.
  7. Would recommend grinding out the meditation as close to PoL level 7 as you can. (Only needs 30 skill and up to 20 you can grind straight through). That and 21 bc should sell the toon, and like Gwyn said someone who wants to save the time will value that. IMO it wouldn’t be worth selling for just 5e in case you decided you wanted the toon later lol
  8. I can confirm that the BL altar would not let me convert to a follower of Libila. It let me switch to BL demi gods though and I did not see any options to actually join hots. Just tried on an alt last week
  9. This cut me deep. Why did I do this to myself! Job, house, wife, children! ######. Lol
  10. Looking to see what’s out there, only trying to spend around 30e though. Please PM your dumps to me, and if they aren’t premium just copy paste the actual dump file so I can see the real skills please. Thank you!
  11. Will they be separated permanently or possibly joined at a later date like pristine and release were?
  12. +1 seems like a seriously large bug, or oversight to be allowed to continue . . Even if chaos isn’t very active right now