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  1. +1 for maybe a toggle-able option something I could easily turn on and off while moving materials around or something. I do the same as @Musedoes but it would be nice to save that extra click and slight delay for the pop up.
  2. I think this does still work, have been doing some digging on a paved road and hit the rock level, the paving was unaffected
  3. I think Seraph meant would the devs be removing the skins as reward options at some point. (At least that was how I read it). IE: the skins may become legacy items of sorts (so may be worth getting duplicates and saving them for trading purposes, etc)
  4. You misinterpreted my post entirely, as I understood Bloodscythe’s post the new player intends to create a new entrance to that same mine, and my point was if that is the case what is the big deal? Mostly I was just defending bloodscythe since you seem quite heated about this and are taking it out on him. I’ve never seen him be anything but polite and courteous and your public attack on him bothers me. This could have and likely would have happened without his involvement too. 5s, or any priest looking to make some coin. I’ll exit the conversation if you like, but my involvement here is only because you made this all public instead of sending a pm in the first place.
  5. If the new player replaces the entrance to the mine on a location more suitable to his liking (since he’s settled there also) is it really a big deal? it sounds like bloodscythe put a lot of effort into making sure it wasn’t a safeguarded area and if I had a rude interaction with any staff about it I’d probably say f%#* it too. It has been a long-standing rule on wurm.. deed it or lose it. Perimeters are not deeded tiles The player could have easily done this on their own anyway, it would have just been more expensive so why is bloodscythe getting the blame here? Sounds like you have an issue with a neighbor maybe, but not bloodscythe... and an issue that may be perfectly reasonable to resolve by changing the location of the entrance
  6. Everything gets reset, everyone started with nothing, and nothing holds significant value since it will be wiped in a semi short time.. sooo i propose an occasional wave of mobs, like the kind that are probably going to kill everyone in their path who doesn’t run and hide or have skilled and equipped themselves. Would be fun I think. The memories of arriving on pristine at launch, and immediately sprinting for the water through piles of bodies because mobs were everywhere slaughtering everyone was awesome! then using the coast to find a place to create a mine. Some of us grouped together and created the mine, a door, a fire, and recruited passerby’s to assist in our search for iron and reinforcing for survival. Loved every minute of it.
  7. Considering they’re 5s in game, I’d imagine they’d be a bit more than 1e each. Just like silver isn’t 1s = 1e they don’t match player prices, and if they did prices would just go down even further Probably why they haven’t bothered to put them in the shop PS @Retrogradecan’t they get sleep powders for 5s from the trader!? lol ya gotta give people some kind of discount! (Unless they’re selling.. then props you’re a genius)
  8. Ah okay, I guess I’m blowin some euros in the web shop for this alt then while im here, anyone know why I can’t convert to Lib? Is it because I’m not part of a deed on chaos that is BL? i converted to Tosiek, and then got negative alignment, but I keep getting the error, or at least what I think is the error: “freedom would never accept Libila” or something along those lines. (Sorry at work running off memory) i have -4 alignment currently.
  9. Does chaos cap characteristics at 20? i sailed a f2p alt there in a sailboat and now can’t command it anymore xD
  10. Oh man I had no idea you were grinding so hard! Gratz!
  11. Xor's Bargain Bin

    bump, updated the OP and added lots of items
  12. I’ve seen the glimmersteel medallions with dogs on them. I know the demon ones are out there, and I’d like one. PM me let’s work out a price!