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  1. A server with some beefed up mobs could be a ton of fun +1
  2. Imbue will increase average QL as well then also correct?
  3. I believe the rarity mechanic scales down as you get higher quality, iirc same with mining. It should still have a faster action timer though? although If this is working as intended it is disappointing to hear that rare + high imbue is doing nothing. I just dumped a bunch of potions onto my supreme what is your rope making skill?
  4. I have a couple supreme steel pickaxes that could use a skin feel free to pm me if you ever get more you wanna get rid of. I’m mostly active on NFI so I’m not actively out trying to buy them but would snatch a couple up if they crossed my path for sure for Xor on SFI
  5. Veggies

    Any QL lowest of the low is fine. shoot me a PM with how much you have and cost per/1k thank you!
  6. In theory you wouldn’t be able to deed that spot right away.. as the deed that popped will have buildings in the way. . But not always, and this is a legitimate concern I suppose. I myself wouldn’t care and would argue it would be like wanting to deed a spot with a troll spawn, or even unluckily a unique.
  7. I’ve had an issue remembering my password for xor after a long break once, and did a /support in game on a different toon we ended up getting it sorted that way iirc, but that was over 5 years ago