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  1. Is that just for the duration of the cast or now thats permanent β€œrare”? Lol
  2. Hah! That’s from an old Snapchat filter for god of war or something iirc. I cannot grow a real beard πŸ˜”
  3. Been playing around with this since last night after a buddy made me play it lol came home and bought it myself. Super enjoyable. . Even if I feel guilty for not working on my new deed xD
  4. Please add Demon's Reach (1027,445) and Village of Lost Souls (1040,445) Thank you!
  5. 🀫 shh im Trying to get lucky and steal this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
  6. https://prnt.sc/10bkvga Looking for silver and taking offers, also interested in raw scale. Could be interested in other items for trade maybe.
  7. \o/ thank you for making it public!
  8. found a horse being cared for by Zalmoxis No items on it or anything but in case they're looking for it since they care for it, let them know to contact me if they want it back. Wolololo on NFI Thank you!