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  1. Makes it nice for my linked alt who just prays constantly, don’t need to cancel their actions to sac lol
  2. Skill Grind Spoilers!

    No vein QL does not matter (you’ll just be unable to monitor how many ores are 1.01-39.99 QL if the vein cap is lower than that. As for prospecting, a low QL high CoC pickaxe and just start prospecting cave walls over and over. I did it to 60 in about 5-7 hrs sleep bonus (actually second though may have been a lot less, can’t rememebr). Anyway I used a low QL (lower the better) that had 95 or so CoC on it. ML will go up with mining and a ton of other skills. Not sure what skills are best gains for it specifically (except mass cooking like many have done, but you’re talking thousands and thousands of meals)
  3. WTS Rares (Prices Now Listed)

    I’ll take the 2 right stylish pads will take the left too if you’ll go to 50c on it as well. Cod to xor please.
  4. WTA Small Magical Chest, Steel

    Won’t burn up in a forge / oven / other heat source. (Like Hota)
  5. Horses Found

    Two Venerable horses were found on the deli border crossing. Cared for by Urth, and the other by Knightmares. They were on the same spot so i assume were being led when crossed. Had some gear.. nobody in chat recognized the names and the horses were venerable.. sorry I killed your horses. . But i have your gear! and am happy to help you replace the two horses if needed. If anyone knows them please have them contact me. thank you!
  6. 80c for the last 4 shoulders? Can send to Xor If that is okay.
  7. That all makes sense. I love the work being done and don’t want to push them off such big improvements for an outfit or two. . But will say that if the robes issue can be conquered someday it would be really cool to get some variations in game.
  8. Carpentry and blacksmithing workshop!

    needed a high ql bucket asap, Elwood delivered! great service!
  9. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    It’s a sandbox, play your style and advocate (hell or complain about what you don’t think is right). You should and so should everyone else. Sorry to see someone go after waiting so long, but if I can offer any advice.. keep an eye on the valrei internationals and patch notes, the dev’s seem to be ramping up bug fixes and actively communicating more to make things better than I’ve ever seen. It’s encouraging when at times I get dissapointed about things that seem so simple, but don’t work or are just so frustrating in general. Hope to see you back p.s. didn’t the original Tuanta title his goodbye post the same? Confused me lol
  10. 25c for left stylish shoulder 75ql? cod to Xor if that’s right. Ty!
  11. 0% Chance to Create

    I believe he mentioned in chat that he succeeded much more often than failed so it seemed like a bug (as in it wasn’t actually 0% chance)