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  1. WTS gold coins

    I recommend, fair trader. Quick and reliable.
  2. Brick & Mortar Services

    gr8 and fast service, thanks a lot for business
  3. WTS gold coins

    I'd buy 1g - when are you on usually?
  4. Looking for active community

    packing up my stuff and heading towards xanadu seems like the busy place i am looking for
  5. Looking for active community

    Thanks a lot Kadmint. That looks great - I will pay that place a visit soon.
  6. Looking at your deed and it looks great and active. Are you still open to recruitment? Maybe I'd stop to look around. Details about me looking for village:
  7. Hi all, I am returning player, started to play some years ago, stopped few times, now returning back. My old deed is gone. I made one small just for getting me packed up and refresh myself (north Indy). I would like to join thriving active community. I am playing mostly nights (21:00 - 4:00) and I am in GMT +1 (CET) My char is premium and I am at some 60+ skills, see the dump with skills above 50 only: I am friendly, fluent in english and I love to adventure, hunt, chat and hang out. I gladly participate on any bigger projects and I also like to help newbies. I have a ship (actually two, Knarr and Sailship) so I am selfsufficient and not limited, which island to join. PM here please, or ingame Erozaxx. I am gonna spam some village recruit posts as well right now, but I wanted to have consolidated info 'bout me on one place to refer to. Happy wurming.
  8. found horse Fleaeben

    [12:11:32] You stop leading the old fat Fleaeben. [12:11:33] Her mother is the venerable fat Sageiron. Her father is the venerable fat Rocksouth '5S gold male'. Found it wandering near N. Indy Academy (North East, near Colossus Lake) No one cares for the horse, no branding. No special equipment. I will keep it in my pen, PM me if you are missing her.
  9. Thumbs up, he just sucked off my silver reserves, but it was good and pleasant business Thnaks mate
  10. WTS Compasses

    thanks a lot, after 5 years I put my iron compass q4,56 away
  11. 80ql Supreme Oak Fruit Press!

  12. WTS Compasses

    52ql 78woa - 3s CoD Erozaxx pls. Thanks
  13. Returning player

    Thanks all for kind offers. I have parked myself on Indie at Indy Academy for now. I am still one eye watching the west (PVP) lands, but now, fresh after return I will first try to quench my carebear thirst (and pimp my archery a bit) and then I will maybe try to catch some scars on Chaos. Happy wurming all of you and see you online.
  14. 80ql Supreme Oak Fruit Press!