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  1. Sorry man but life sucks at times.... Glad to see you checked the forums. As you know I rarely do also. Hope all is good in your life. Stay safe my friend!
  2. It is with a saddened heart I report another long time player has left this world. Chaseone (the original owner) was a great friend and played with me from the early days. Although he has not played in many years he always regretted selling his accounts but unfortunately they needed the money more at the time. I know he tried to get them back more than a few times. He was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago and has been doing chemo and radiation. His spirit during this was always high and it was always fun getting together with him when I could. Rest in peace my friend.
  3. Annalise

    Annalise fought bravely for months but has lost her battle with cancer. Those that remember her know that God has his hands full as I am sure she is already redesigning and pointing out what could have been done better in heaven. For those that wish to express thoughts they can send a note to her son (Remyth) in game or to the following address: Lisa Lee 11189 Molly Drive, Neosho Missouri 64850.
  4. I will try to be a little more specific. I purchased the laptop knowing it was in Windows 10 S mode because my significant other cant or wont stop clicking on things that caused me to fix the machine over and over. Secondly this really is the wave of the future so developers need to start dealing with it. Thirdly I should not have to wipe any new machine. Even though I can and re-install only the components I want installed why should I have to go through all of those hoops to play a game? I have a pristine laptop that does not allow me to play a game I have pre-paid because of this change. So if I cannot play it due to changes in the way the game is launched am I going to get my money back?
  5. The laptop we use is a Lenovo purchased 3 months ago.
  6. Also mentioned in another thread that all of the new Laptops and Desktops come with Windows 10 S mode. This does not allow any program to be installed unless it is downloadable from the Microsoft Store. Please either put the JNLP back or certify your install and make it downloadable from the Microsoft store so I can continue to play. Otherwise I will have to request my pre-paid subscription back as I will no longer be able to play the game I paid for.
  7. I did try running the jnlp and initially it said I needed to update java. Did that and when I run the jnlp it crashes.
  8. Are there plans to certify and get the wurm online setup package downloaded from the microsoft store? Many new PC's are coming with Windows 10 S-mode that does not allow any application to be installed unless verified by Microsoft. Taking the laptop out of S-mode presents obvious risks.
  9. Eir

    Sent to you.
  10. Eir

    I had known of Eir for years and years and we had a healthy respect for each other but we had not met in-game. The day I met her in Wild was on christmas eve. She was sailing the southern edge of wild. I was chasing her in a sailboat and kept telling her to stop. She said ohhh no you are not going to catch me to kill me. I finally overtook her gave her a kiss and hug and said merry christmas hun. That started the friendship that has endured factions and space between us. Me being from the midwest and her way way out west. After that meeting I often went to DC to help her either in the mines or dropping or delivering dirt to her. Yeah I did help her beef up DC so we couldn't raid it. I always asked for hazard pay as the guards were not friendly as I was a white lighter. She always said what are you complaining about... they are just puny guards... sheesh they wont hurt you. I would go yeah one wont but when I have 10 on me its not fun. She would just laugh and come help kill them then back to work.
  11. Eir

    Eir's family is asking for donations to help offset the cost of the funeral as she did not have any life insurance.
  12. Eir

    She was a great lady that gave her all as a GM. A great mentor and friend. Rest in peace love.
  13. Sad to see you go but will always cherish the talks and friendship we share. Happy trails!