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  1. I just re-instated it on Chaos. The spawned guards would only attack only if the player was next to the spawned guard. Once player moved away the guard(s) would stand still and not follow. Even if attacked when the player backed away the guard stopped attacking and did not move.
  2. Sad to see you go but will always cherish the talks and friendship we share. Happy trails!
  3. Based on the language I think Rolf might view it differently and yes I do have screen shots and copies in case this is ummm ... cleaned up.
  4. Farmerbob.. You are treading in an area you do not want to be in. You are very close to me reporting your posts. Tread carefully. I am not an officiate of the game as you have been.
  5. Jock has some wise words... maybe you should look at the post I did about the panel? What most are missing in these threads about wild is this. and I am going to make this really big letters... YOU DO NOT LIVE HERE... YOU DO NOT HAVE A SAY GET IT?
  6. Farmerbob... You may want to stop while you are behind cause what you are spouting is true lies and I bet the developer will take offense very soon.
  7. Thanks Jack.... You do voice the opinion of Wild. And to quote myself again those that are not on WILD should not give opinions of it. Thanks!
  8. OK....All of you people that think WILD is on its deathbed why do you say that? JK just had a new village found. Ohhhh thats right you idiots are not here but are telling everyone that it is dead. Come on if you don't live here just shut the hell up. If you did live here then post on the the villages that are coming up and trying to make a go of it. The rest of you that want to come over and are afraid to come on over... its ok we can protect you. For the ones saying Wild is dead you can just FO.
  9. Ohhh check our my other reply Farmer... aka NOOB
  10. Come to WILD or shut up. Your choice... I await.
  11. Farmerbob... Please stop. Come to WILD and we will see how you survive on your own.
  12. That is where you are totally wrong. Time spent playing this game equals real money. Time spent playing this game means real skills. Time spent playing this game equates to respect. I was pointing out that Farmerbob in all his "glory" has not played this game nearly as long as I have played it. And he has not played on WILD nearly as long as I have played on WILD. So his opinion of WILD is sadly mistaken and certainly not wanted. NOW... Go ahead and LOCK. US on WILD are F'N Tired of people not on WILD deciding our FUTURE. GET IT?
  13. FarmerBob... I remember you as a noob... NUFF SAID
  14. Just stating facts. You do have access to some of my info. Please feel free to check to see how many more years I have played than you. You might be pleasantly surprised.