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  1. Raamkozijn, that is very helpful, many thanks.
  2. I've just been pruning my apple trees and I noticed that the very old specimens that I pruned successfully remained very old after pruning, they did not reduce their age category as they did previously. However the overaged apple trees did reduce category as they have always done. My memory is a bit suspect at times but i'm pretty sure when I've had a pruning session before that these very old apple trees did reduce to old. Thanks, CageStorm/Exodus/Cimmeria.
  3. My idea is to clear the 3 rock tiles below my mine entrance and try tunnel on the tile below the current mine entrance, does this work ? or will I get the "It's too hard to mine here" message. If I cant mine on the tile below my mine entrance can i close the mine entrance ( shaker orb ) then do the tunnel ? or will I get a new message telling me it's unsafe ? I find mining very confusing, atm I walk out my door up a 29 steep slope across a flat slope and into the mine that then descends steeply into the cave, what I'd like to do is do away with the 29 steep climb, the flat slops and the steep drop inside the cave so that my mine entrance is one tile lower than at present. Thanks for any help.
  4. I love the Spring time in Wurm as all my apple trees are out in blossom however it would be much better if there were some wild flowers growing in the apple tree tiles at the same time as the apple tree was in blossom, would look much better. And bees as well as butterflies. Small things I know and not priority but a nice enhancement to consider, thankyou.
  5. Thanks for improving Deed expansion options this alone is a great update. Spent some more money so you devs can at least keep eating we hope. Keep up the great work
  6. No real lag for me but I did spend most of the hour in a row boat rowing around the shores of a huge lake. Was a bit disappointed not to find any really great waterside settlement areas, because mostly I saw a lot of very very steep very very tall rocky cliffs with just a few trees on top. I did find one nice earthen prominence that stretched out from the rocky cliff into the water that was fairly flat and looked like a good candidate for terraforming and building a castle but only the one in an hour and you had to climb up and over the very steep high mountain to get anywhere, certainly no way for wagons unless one tunneled through the mountain. However some of the islands on the lake looked like superb places to build a home although a bit lonely if like me you like to have neighbours.
  7. All sounds very positive to me, good work as usual devs.
  8. Construction halted due to my guild leaving the game and a general lack of interest by the rest of the population.
  9. Only up for an hour ? Really ? 22:00 CEST is currently 20:00 here in the Uk right ? My brain hurts and I don't wanna miss it.
  10. halfway through construction atm...
  11. Hammers could be Hammer of the Gods Wielder of Mjolnir God of Thunder
  12. If I built a short racecourse on my deed just south of esert would anybody be interested in bringing their horses and/or carts to race. Schedules entry fees and prizes all to be determined, ideas welcomed. I'd call it the Legacy Racecourse in honour of my friend. ideas already put forward 1) horse racing 2) cow racing for non-prems 3) large cart racing 4) wagon racing approx 100 tiles rectangular 35 by 15 by 35 by 15
  13. Thanks for the info, hopefully this new server setup will be better secured than the current one and we wont get any more DDOS attacks. I was lucky enough to get online after the launch and reclaim all my items that I had to leave behind so i hope there wont be a rollback, but no biggy I guess, i can always do it again, as long as nobody beats me to it and I can actually get online on the new server. Best of luck with the move and thanks for your continued support of this GREAT game.
  14. Grab me in game when I'm on and I can get you logs and lumps around the high 30s mark. Always a pleasure to help you and Kallya.
  15. Initially it will be the loading feature, I can now go back to my original deed and recover everything I had to leave behind when I moved to my new bigger deed. That will be good. Protected mine floors, awesome, I can open up my mine to morons now and not have to worry about them digging huge trap holes in the floor, excellent. Wagons are just awesome as are the boat carriers. Not too fussed about the crafting interface just seems to make it simpler to play the game and I like the fact there is a load of stuff to remember tbh, so the jury's out on that one atm. Crates are always great. Overall great work guys and thanks for the continued improvements.
  16. Exodus Deed Map

    Hemsgard ( 21x 26y ) has been disbanded ( got too small was not expandable ) Cimmeria ( 20x 27y ) has been created ( actually been in existence for a long time but never officially placed on the map until now ). thanks.
  17. Cant Log in onto Exodus Thursday 07:40 UK time. Connection timed out
  18. Exodus Deed Map

    FarmVille & Legacy both gone, both just south of Esert.
  19. Route Blocked

    Thanks for all your efforts, must be as frustrating for you as it is for us.