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  1. got 447 bladders here on exo if you want, also have 499 eyeballs...still free, although you would have to pick up I'm at N10 on the exo ingame map Lupine Asylum , I leave the choice up to you, Just send me a pm so that we can make arrangements Kilitra
  2. Exodus Deed Map

    Nubers retreat on wolf island center abouts is dead now
  3. love it all, would love to see those tags added to global chat too
  4. We have them now in CA and I think we would benefit from them greatly in GLFreedom. the little tags [(Exo) for example] that pop up next to the name could greatly diminish confusion in the WTB and WTS lines. please vote yes to get this in.
  5. I am more than happy to see the market set up there again and will be placing my horses for sale there soon currently specializing in [04:18:07] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. if it's not at market /tell me about current stock
  6. was just checking to see if logging on was available... and I get this error message with my will the install shortcut that came on the last install still work? or will we be downloading a new jnlp?
  7. pencil me in as a ghost leading 3 ghost horses....I wasn't there but I was there in spirit, ;p
  8. Priest of Fo 92faith and a alt JS66 will be at the ready along with lots of items ready to sac for enchants.
  9. Lupine Asylum Greets you, These are the horses ready to be at your home waiting at Asylum. All horses on this list have fleet, lightening, strong body, strong legs, and carry more. Females HopWarrior-**white BloodUmbra-brown Males BriskBaron-gold HardMinsc-black GoldenCall-gold JackPearl-grey MountainStark-black TearSwift-gold This list is the horses at Lupine Asylum-x9y32 that are for sale, there are horses not on this list at FoE Market-x39y5 and Vicous Arboria Market-x17y23 ready to go, some even with a 6th trait Prices are as marked for Markets and the prices for Lupine Asylum are as follows: 40c per horse 75 for a pair +10c for delivery (hence 3 horses delivered is 125) We do delivery to anywhere on Exo for a flat rate. PM in game Kiltra, Kerwal, Raldon, Kiltar or Kildaryn for ordering and more information. Or visit one of the markets. Hope to see you on horseback soon!
  10. Update: Any horse on the listing that reaches Old or Venerable will be made into hamburger helper and the list will be changed to reflect that. At current all horses listed are still well within the Young to Aged categories (with most in the Young to Adolescent stages) so no chili-mac tonight....darn ;P Also there are 5 horses not reflected on this list at Vicous Arborem near Esert and Taka no Dan for sale thru pm to Kilitra. All of them have the requisite 5 speed traits (Fleet, Strong Body, Lightening, Carry More, Strong Legs); spark and fight fiercely are also there go take a peek since I've forgotten how many of which are there. LOL. Remember there are also horses at Foe Market (x9 y33) and they have been rotated out for a new crop. Thank you for your future business and your current patience!
  11. We are listing 4 horses at FoE Market x39 y5, don't forget to check out the other breeder there All horses listed there are Fleet, Strong Body, Lightening, Carry more, Strong legs (5spd) MALE WingLightening-White DreamRaid-Brown WarCloud-Gold FaithStrong-Brown
  12. Both FaithStrong-brown and WarCloud-gold are available at the FoE Market in the NE corner of the map.
  13. KissPick-gold has been removed from the sales list sorry guys, she's been sold