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  1. New item for wish list! Could we please have the option to plant cacao beans in a pottery planter? According to Wurmpedia, cacao beans can be planted in a pottery planter in WO, and it would be awesome if we could do the same here. Lots of delicious recipes involve cocoa or chocolate, and cacao beans are quite hard to forage (they seem to be a less common find).
  2. @Sunnydaze The files just go in your Wurm Launcher folder, which will probably be in your Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Wurm Unlimited. If you can't find it, just open Steam, right click Wurm Unlimited (in the Library), select properties, click Local Files, click Browse - that will show you where your Wurm launcher folder is located. All you have to do is download the Client Mod Loader (very important) and then all the client mods you need, and add them all into the Wurm launcher folder. It's pretty well explained on the pages I mentioned. Afaik the mods are independent of geforce (I also have geforce on my PC). @Pameow Improved Compass: Compass always display heading (even when moving) Compass mouse over will show exact coordinates, heading angle and height. But my favourite of all is the Live Map. It dispalys a small in-game map showing you as a red dot in a relatively small area of map, but it makes is immensly easier to find you way around.
  3. The compass mod is a client mod, therefore independent of the server. Every player can download it into their own "WurmLauncher" folder, and it will work for all the alts on your account, whatever server you play on. This page has links to several client mods, including Improved Compass: You will fist need to install the loader (scroll down the page to Installer). It might seem a bit complicated at first sight, but it's actually extremely easy to add any client mod you fancy. Here's another page with all the mods. Ignore the server mods, and scroll down to client mods. Personally, I only use the compass, the live map, and the third person view - the compass and live map are invaluable, imho! As for recipes, I'm also unsure what you mean. I'm having a lot of fun cooking at the moment, learning new recipes and skilling up HFC. I've been using Reskal's WU-recipe list, and so far all the ones I've tried have worked perfectly. There are enough recipes there to keep me busy for a while, even though I only do the vegetarian ones - I could do the meaty and fishy ones as it's only a game, but having been vegetarian for 45 years, even the idea of meat dishes makes me a bit sick, lol. Great that you're playing in Frenetia, Synnydaze. It's a beautiful and incredibly rewarding world. Hope to see you in-game. My main character is Sylver, and all my alts begin with Sylver. I only play for a couple of hours a day, usually, and am still a relative newbie. But if there's anything I can help you with, I'd be very happy to do so. PS: I'm also on Discord, by the way. My username is Sylvermoon#2728.
  4. Yay, we made it! Tam, Pam, and me, after delivering 3 Prancers to Santa's 4xjgAVWJ0-jBd19BAvMZJoOZLaTW/view?usp=sharing
  5. Whoohoo! This looks like fun! Getting my snow shoes ready and crash helmet for the falls lol Fourteen days to go ...
  6. Thank you very much! That worked perfectly! I'd never used my mousewheel to turn objects, only the turn clockwise/anticlockwise option in move.
  7. I wonder why I can't change the position of knives/forks/spoons (and a few other items) on a table? When I place them, they will only go in one direction (therefore, I can't have more than one setting on the table). Yet, I spotted this pic which shows knives/forks/spoons in different positions:
  8. What sort of wooden table? A large dining table or can it be a round wooden table? Can it be on the 1st floor of a house?
  9. Great stuff! Thanks, Pam and Tam Any chance the banquet could be vegetarian?
  10. Thanks to Batta's advice, I logged into Frenetia today, and loved it. I spawned in Olive Heights, and so far have only got around to exploring the areas reachable by road. I'd love some advice on a good area to set up my camp. I'm not completely new to Wurm, I played WO for 10 months 8 years ago, and started again about a month ago, but tbh I felt like a noob, I'd forgotten so much! BTW, Pamew, I played ATITD for many years, on and off, starting from the Beta in 2003. It's a great game, one of the few without combat (I don't enjoy killing or being killed, lol). A Frenetia discord channel would be great. I miss not being able to communicate with other players if we're not online at the same time (that's one area where ATITD is much better than Wurm, chat channels never close and you can open them even with somebody who's offline). Besides, I live in the UK, and it lookes like you're in Australia, Pameow, and Batta is in Canada ...
  11. Thanks so much, Batta. I'll try Frenetia.
  12. Is there such a thing? Would anyone else be interested?
  13. That's what I would really like too! I'd love a peaceful Wurm Online server! (I just don't enjoy either killing or being killed) After playing Wurm Online on and off, today I bought Wurm Unlimited and, with much difficulty as I'm not a computer wiz, I created a LAN server with 0% aggro creatures on it. It's a start. But I miss the ease of Wurm Online where I don't have to struggle with servers and mods, lol. Otherwise, if there were others interested in a 0% aggro world, maybe it would be possible to set up a peaceful Wurm Unlimited public server? Unless one exists already?
  14. Thank you very much for your help. I managed to connect my laptop after starting the server up on my PC. I suppose it means, however, that I can only connect to it on my laptop if I'm at home and my PC is running? I always need to start the server up from the PC, is that right? And I won't be able to play the game if I go on holiday, unless I rent a server? I saw a forum entry with a list of mods, I'll see if I can get my head around them, lol.
  15. Now that I've managed to create a LAN server, I have another question. Can I play the game on my laptop, or am I confined to playing it only on the PC where I created the server? Is the game tied to the IP address? Does it mean that if my IP address were to change, I would lose any progress I made in the game? Is there any way to make sure I have a reliable world to play in? I'm a total noob at all this server stuff, maybe my Wurm Unlimited dreams were a bit too ambitious.