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  1. Advises and threats arrives mostly from your " powerful friends", you only threaten me with your powerful friends and told they will ruin everything that I have/And your friends promised to ruin everything if I will not pass over ( 1 of my alts was blocked in 24 hours after that threats) , so good job, friends are really powerful. But I will not pass over , your friend can block vasiliysk as well, but I will create or buy another account/ It become a big news for me that my alts was blocked after your friend threats. I didn't expect that/
  2. You and Champagnedragon gave me order and threaten me if I will not follow your "advises" . I will not follow your and your "powerfull friends " advises/ You choose a wrong person to command and threaten. And after your "powerfull friends " threatened me do not sell concrete and other goods cheaper than current market price. My prices is my problem, it's not of your business / My problem is not a free horses , but your and your friends way to communicate , threaten and give order to me/ At the end I didn't get over it, because I didn't hear apology from you, and I don't care about you have a lot of powerfull friends.
  3. Good day everybody. I'd like to buy account with 90+ LW. Others skill can be 0 , need only LW. Please contact me if you willing to sell. Thanks
  4. I can help you with this. Contact in game or on forum.
  5. WTS Rares

    3.5s / COD to vasiliysk pls
  6. 1. saw C72+ hatchet C78 + rake C81 + trowel C74 + file C71 + stone chisel C76 =10c 2. curving knife C85+ saw C89 + scissors C89 W71 + lion pelt C80 W77 =20c Cod to vasiliysk pls
  7. Sorry my friend/ But I didn't received anything ((
  8. 2.5 for a rare pickaxe ql=92 woa+ coc. If yes cod to vasiliysk
  9. cod belt and hatchet to vasiliysk pls.
  10. WTS Rares

    2.5s for rare pickaxe. If agree - cod to vasiliysk
  11. rare rope tool + rare grindstone 60c cod to vasiliy_sk in game