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  1. close

    Rare rake CoD to Azukana if you have any left.
  2. According to the wiki you have to pay cod fee for the backpack, and honestly I don't think anyone likes losing money, albeit now its only an extra 1c, or 1c less if you just deduct it from their price.
  3. So I was just trying to CoD some items to make a little cash off of a prize I got for finishing a player built maze, and I realized a few annoying, and potentially costly issues with the mail system. 1) The first menu when you are sending mail: So we all know that you put items you wish to mail inside the mailbox and then open the sending screen. In the sending screen if you have a lot of things in the mailbox, in my case 63, you have to check the box for each individual item. I feel there needs to be a way to select all the items at once since most times you only put items in for one customer. Also, if you forget to put a name in the name box before you try to continue, it will close the window just to tell you in the event window "Unknown recipient. Please try again." It would be nice if we could try again without needing to reopen the send window and check all the boxes again. 2) Pricing screen: So a lot of the shortcuts for highlighting items in the game a simple file selecting methods in windows. (shift click to choose all between two points, ctrl click to select individual and random things) So I thought it was only fair to assume that pressing enter when finished with a single price box would move you to the next line down. Or maybe even shift click like with facebook chat or skype chat when enter obviously sends the message. Neither of these however does what I would hope. Instead, 62 other items that were currently set at 0g0s0c0i sent with the message "Cod price set to 1 iron, since it was negative or zero." This is a HUGE issue because there is no confirmation after the second page of the menu. Not only that, Wurm is essentially a real cash economy game, so this little mistake can cost someone real money. Would it be too hard to have it set so if a CoD item is set at 0, that it doesn't let you progress instead of assuming you wanted it to be 1i? Honestly I feel the mail system needs more confirmation since it is real people, with real money. Luckily I found this out on a small scale, and luckily Vortexxx was kind enough to pay the agreed price despite my mistake. Please help me with getting the devs to realize the slight flaws in the mail system so hopefully we can save some hassle for people in the future.
  4. CoD cheapest Longsword imp'd to QL 80 to Azukana? Please and Thank You.
  5. Xanadu Map Eden Reborn Mayor: Omegaworld
  6. Sorry, forgot to mention, Xanadu, thought people would see the tag or know Vrock Landing is Xanadu, my fault.
  7. I agree completely, it is a funny concept to think about. And Thank you all for your replies, I quite enjoy the openness in talking about our Wurm developed relationships.
  8. So I am needing a Priest of Vynora 40+ Faith to turn me into a priest sometime soon. I can only meet at vrock landing though which causes a problem. I can pay a bit for you to travel if need be, hence this being in the market section of the forums. Please get ahold of me on the forums if you may be able to help, and please include your travel fee if any. Cheaper is better. Thank you, and may Vynora Guide you. I found someone thank you all for your efforts anyway!
  9. Many might not notice the effect Wurm can have on the players. How many of us have sat around working our tails off in Wurm for hours at a time? I'm sure it is safe to say that we all have at some point got bored of the repetitive grind of taking our saw and going through the motions of making a house. But seriously, that takes an hour minimum if you are on your first character making a one tile big house. So many of us go to freedom of global freedom chats to kill time. Personally, I know that I can not play Wurm for hours upon end without becoming bored. But I find chatting helps increase the length of time I can stand the repetition. Many of times I try to socialize and fit in while watching freedom chat. For most people new to the community though, they might find the fact that everyone knows each other intimidating. I know I have on multiple occasions have thought that I could never be a big part of the game's community like these other people. But new players, I will assure you, that is wrong. In my days back on Pristine, I rarely messaged in freedom chat, but months later I came back to people remembering me. Experienced players, if you are a big part of the community, I beg of you, please try to develop friendships with the newcomers, because the community is Wurm's strongest asset. But the main thing about chat is the friends you make. Most games are about hey invite me to the team so we can kill the boss and never talk again. In Wurm, most people are so co-dependent, you need allies. Personally, I feel the game developers have implemented that quite well. Yes it is a pain you can only add a friend if they are next to you, but they also added a great town system. You can play with your friends even if they aren't in your deed, because you can form an alliance with their deed as well. Many people aspire to own their own land, but so many of us make friends in the process and are torn between joining them and following our dream. But give them the opportunity to have an alliance and still both own land, and you satisfy both desires. One day I was bragging about how amazing Wurm is at a barbecue. It was funny, because I had two people jump on the idea of trying it. One of which was just a guy I knew from elsewhere. This guy eventually got on, and while working in my mine, we got to talking. I didn't really care for the guy before then, but I got to learn he is great to talk to and quite hilarious. It's funny how you see someone so often, but through working together even on a game, you develop a bond you couldn't in real life. But this forum is just about me telling you how I play Wurm, or how Wurm has changed my life. I want us as a community, to reach out and grow our server and cross server bond. We are like one very extended family, and I love to see us working together. Also, I wanted to see how others view Wurm's community building skills. Please do reply, I'd love to read what you guys think. A part of your community, Omegaworld
  10. Hi, im omegaworld, and I am somewhat new to wurm. I would like to join a town so I can help contribute to a bigger purpose. Currently, I have no focus on certain skills, but eventually I will probably pick a career in wurm. feel free to message me in game or leave a comment here if you are willing to have me in your town. thankz