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  1. northern xan looking to buy some breeding pairs,pm destroyerd
  2. looking for a deed to join on xan, with some regulars on frequently,pm me
  3. would like to buy 5 speed horese and bison a breeding pair of each,located on xan at E19
  4. Ok thx for all the help.I got it finally through command prompt,don't ask me how but I have workable version.
  5. also in java control panel under advanced options under default java for browsers internet explorer is grey checked like java don't recongnize it
  6. same thing with both examples .I go to open or save and my downloaded file opens then I click open again and screen does nothing just goes back to downloaded files and wurm client no matter how many times I click does this a java thing or maybe something blocking it from opening?please help
  7. ok so ive tried new browsers,diable firewalls,have both 32bit and 64bit java installed,same thing.i don't even have the game downloaded and cant because when I click on play on website it says save as or open ive tried both with same results.when I click on either it takes me to my downloads with a open or discard option I click open and it just flickers no screen opens for download.also looked at add ons in ie under java enabled it has a grey check.any help would be appreciated as I play this on a junky laptop so I know this beast can handle it.
  8. ok so I got a new pc was gonna play wurm.went to wurm online site and got java first then try to click play at top of site and it prompts me to allow and I do and it opens my download folder and I click on it again it says allow over and over and nothing opens or downloads.any help is appreciated . PS if I cant download it here then where. When it shows my downloads I click on open and it opens another client jnlp over and over every time I do it
  9. ok I tried to start as usual get this message, failed to validate certificate client will now close. Any help appreciated
  10. ok I resized window in wurm to resizable now its working!!!!! THX a ton
  11. heres the console. this Is a older laptop I downloaded a new driver but only diff is I don't get black screen still get err_pid here is new Hs_err_pid after new driver
  12. this is all I know it has intel (R)HD Graphics 3000
  13. any help is appreciated
  14. heres another link to hs_err_pid
  15. ok here is the first 2 attempts to copy and paste hs_err_pid ...please any help is appreciated.
  16. I don't know how to copy and paste the err_pid it just leaves a link and no err?
  18. ok I uninstalled 32bit java and installed 64bit no difference,as soon as I click play on wurm the screen goes black as if to load as usual then I get this err_pid.
  19. everytime I click play the scr een goes black and I get this err_pid.
  20. someone trip over the cable in office????