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  1. Can it be same bugg that named keys in inventory change name when crossing server ? Cant confirm if this still happend since i allways travel with keys in a satchel on ship now
  2. Only work when you are on your own server :/ Its not fun to try to find a token if you out travel on other server so make this happen please
  3. Thank you for working with this and found some answers the problem was what I thought it is Im sure if the notewindow was made bigger, so it hold much more, then this wouldn't be a problem And as long as we get different affinitets, while using different flour and cheese, then we should be able to write it out I have no ability to make it shorter then i already did and hopefully notewindow will be made bigger so then its np looking forward to see this fix later on
  4. update: Bacon butty:I put in my notes again and again they are gone rawbacon,oatLW,barleymasonry,ryewoodcutting,wheatweaponheadssmithing,cornbreadtoys,cookedbaconoatshieldsmithing,baeleydairyfood,ryechainarmoursmithing,wheatbaking,cornpapyrusmaking Baked berry cheese cake: notes gone again Rcheese,pickaxe,Rsheep,pottery,Bcheese,pottery,Bsheep,pottery,Bbison,pottery,Rbison,ropemaking,Wcheese,ropemaking,Osheep,ropemaking,Ocheese,shovel,Obison,woodcutting,Wsheep,hatchet,Wbison,leatherworking, Baked cheese cake: notes gone again Ocheesesmallmetalshield,Wbiosnshortsword,Rcheeselargewoodenshield,OsheepWcheeseRbisonmediummetalshield,Rsheeplargemetalshield,Bcheeselargemetalshield,ObisonBsheeplargeaxe,WsheepBbisonhugeaxe Seems Im not the only one, hope you manage to find what couse it
  5. thx for replay Alectrys no I haven't cross any server since I started make food Only thing I have travel is between my 2 deeds, that is really close, only 5 tiles perimeter each between both (so 10 tiles total) since I posted I havnt put anything in my notes But yes I will start again and put in notes there Dont know if it couse I write in much info like this bacon butty: rawbacon,oatLW,barleymasonry,ryewoodcutting,wheatweaponheadssmithing,cornbreadtoys,cookedbaconoatshieldsmithing,baeleydairyfood,ryechainarmoursmithing,wheatbaking,cornpapyrusmaking Since we got lots of different flour and in this case also different bacon, we can get different affinitets. I have tried to make word so short that I can, so I still understand it myself when looking at it another time. Will post back later when i tested to save again
  6. No one got any clue?
  7. Weed Control – 27x 37y Please put it on map ty in advance Maiya (trough my alt Ayla that is mayor of WC )
  8. I logged out the 6dec with alot of new notes made on recipes in my cookbook. I logged in the 7dec and all those notes is gone, only those made before 6dec is still left in cookbook. Any idea what happend? Have it happend to anyone else ? (If I posted in wrong area please move it)
  9. glad horsie is well again
  10. tried handfeed it?
  11. YAY glad it work now for you, have fun making highways
  12. you can replace a catseye with a waystone and vice versa, so if you got one preferable 2 waystones extra. Then from first deed that got a waystone, go to last catseye before 1 tile road start and change out that catseye to a waystone. Go to first catseye after 1 tile road and change out that catseye to a waystone. Now you got 4 waystone placed between all your catseyes and all should light green. If it doesn't light green on the 1 tile road with gravel on side game wont recognize it as a highway. After this test you can replace those 2 waystone back to catseyes again. Hope this help ypu solve if roads is right and you get green light on all eyes. How / what did you use to get them on road then ? Yes both catseyes and waystones need to be planted
  13. idea

    A great idea that I would like to see for WO too
  14. check out this
  15. I'd like to thank each and every one of you who puts in the time to suggest what you'd like to see in the game, woohoo saddle-bags