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  1. Redkeep 2499, 2638 is disbanded
  2. Year of 1100

    Right now it is : [21:25:59] It is 22:48:21 on day of the Ant in week 4 of the starfall of Silence in the year of 1099.
  3. Dont worry Indy will survive without one weekly map update you both a doing great work for us all
  4. [12:03:17] <Dessie> starts to disband the village of Twilight Sanctuary. Can be taken of map
  5. If I win CoD to Dessie please
  6. Rolf talked about some sort of move for those on GV, but its been a while and nothing have happend and now Rolf quitted .
  7. 31x 9 y Ultimarus.
  8. sry to hear Get well soon
  9. Im sry but this isnt any auction yuo have set both reserve and buyout at same price, so this mean you sell this for 30 silver.
  10. well I dont think you can use the shop here on the webpage if you start game trough steam, so dont do it untill someone tell you its all ok. And that is importend ...since they cant change the preem and money to your character if you do wrong. So wait untill someone from game tells its ok to buy here for steam player.
  11. you play trough standalone client or steam ? if its trough steam, you open shop ingame and dont use the one i gave link to here