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  1. Would be great if they put in the name from who we recive money from when CoD too Would be much easier to know who payed the Cod if you mail the same ammount to more then one person
  2. I must ask ....why do we loose affnitys while cross server ????? And since soo many know about it ....why do we still do it ?????
  3. I heard of this in GL a while ago its really sad news He will be missed RIP Waar
  4. The problem with spamming suggestions like he does, is that those that shall read this forum, wont couse its spammed like this
  5. They try to make it into new market on steam, new way to reach new payers ohh sry players I guess, from there page:
  6. OMG he is huge .......
  7. Take the time you need, we will be here when you ready Doesnt that happend after you start breeding ? If so then I guess you cant use them to breed with someone else or ?