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  1. OMG he is huge .......
  2. Take the time you need, we will be here when you ready Doesnt that happend after you start breeding ? If so then I guess you cant use them to breed with someone else or ?
  3. This got me to stop reading why come with suggestions when not playing I dont understand
  4. Yes I too want a map with all deeds on BUT I also know on every server there is alot of deed-owners that dont want to be on maps, and that we have to respect Another BUT I dont see any reson to a deed-owner should need to keep track of maps and ask to be taken off I prefer that those that want to be on a map they ask to be there
  5. So you gonna force deed owners that dont want to be on a map to be on yours?
  6. true But you can use keybinds and I use that also keeping 3 satchel on my toolbelt So I Tend 3 tiles by pressing E then press Q to harvest those 3 tiles and finally I press satchel 1 press F on tile 1 press satchel 2 on tile 2 and press satchel 3 on tile 3 and by that that I have tended, harvest and sowed 3 tiles and so I repeat this over and over untill I run out of tiles And now you know how to farm .)
  7. They changed it ? Couse I used to tend, harvest and sow my fields all at ones
  8. Well Im sry I read it as a deed or 2 had disbanded, and that way the highway wasnt working anymore My thought was if someone on Harmony got to know they could fix it Sry for missunderstanding your post about 2 locations not acccessible any longer
  9. Maybe tell ppl on harmony about this ...not sure where ....the forumpost abut there map maybe could be good so they are aware and can fix it same with cad if you run into issue there
  10. Let them use the Large saddle that is unuseable now
  11. hehe ty yah I like it too and ofcourse my animals so have to log in and check them now and then while im on Cadence playing .)
  12. ty both I thought you was much closer to my place since you mention Jamel but I see now you are more north of me, I got Inner Sea Sanctuary and Weed Control south of you both