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  1. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    now after these answer i remember Epic yes .....ohh yah these new servers for only new characters ....well please I change my mind dont let these happend again ./ right multistory house drew many back im sure.....and yes lots come with new servers .....those are all alts today maybe lol (well not all but many ) true WoW made its misstake in my opinion So now when I got my memory back please dont make new servers dont split us up even more (Wish I could find out something that would help Wurm to get a bigger playerbase again)
  2. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    Legionary (5-6 Years) 47 person What happend back then, when soo many ppl come to game ? Devs look it up and make it happen again
  3. reinstalled wurm

  4. [Fixed] Enchant on Lingonberry Bush

    thats not nice ./ hopefully it gets fixed
  5. Interest in Wurm trading site

    I dont know why we would need this Why drag people from the game? Its same with discord and this we got a chat ingame...use it we got a trade channel ingame ....use it
  6. [Fixed] Enchant on Lingonberry Bush

    but the lingonberry bush gets enchanted doesnt it if so it work like it use to be to enchant grass, you need only grass on tile, if tree or bushes on, its the tree or bushes that get enchanted
  7. Rest in Peace - Zorako

    So sad news Rest in peace Zorako
  8. Pan Filling

    not long ago it was asked in GL for a panfiller, so they are still in use maybe not as much as before ut every now and then And welcome back
  9. Order delivered Thanks for shopping at Inner Sea Sanctuary Welcome back with new order Maiya
  10. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    here is one
  11. something went wrong I guess unless you dont sell 3 helmets
  12. Free Stuff For Newer Players

    Really nice of you to make this