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  1. Snowballs

    no I agree with you ...just was pointing out it say eat on snowballs and not drink so change it could be good
  2. Snowballs

    yes but since you eat snowball it say its full dont drink the snoball
  3. Snowballs

    you cant eat anything if food bar is full
  4. have you tried rightclick on top border and use lock? my skill tracker never move around hopefully this help for you
  5. let us "lock" items in inventory that solve alot
  6. Why not on as a mayor on deed, say fences, while you rightclick get option destroy ???
  7. Im soo happy to hear this Take your time, your work will be ready when you want it too .) Dont forget to have fun too
  8. Could you please give the link to these post you read this in ????
  9. sry but what would a delivery do (?) you are out hunting and cant accept the delivery when he deliver to your deed Atleast lower the time ...make it 5 days instead 14 day is too long OR let there be a button, that the one that send can use to retrive item if buyer wait over 5 days to retrive it
  10. yes I still cant understand why we dont got it ingame yet
  11. then it doesnt matter for you if there is a merge or not BUT for us that want one it DO matter alot
  12. This updates we will get here sounds all great BUT The biggest exploration wurmians can get to do is merge NFI with SFI So please dont forget to include that, atleast in the second part And if not, then be open with if you intend to merge servers or not it soon be two years we al lived apart from each other, so its really time to merge now
  13. Like this:
  14. Shop Update

    How can xsolla decide what code club shall use in there shop? Do you mean xsolla is the reson we cant pay direct with our bank anymore (?) or its as I hope I missunderstand you ?