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  1. Can you train all 3 bow to 30 or its only one?
  2. Its not at all safe to live like this That little house can be put in a perimeter and then the houseowner cant repair his house. So its not safe the day someone come and place perimeter over the house so they can deed House in perimeter cant be repeard.
  3. they probelry want somewher to store there stuff in start


    Hi Maiya, Uh - I was wondering if you could help me?  I was wandering along Maple LAne, minding my own business, when I came across a troll.  Being fairly feeble (I was nearly killed by a pheasant yesterday) I did the sensible thing, abandoned my possessions and ran.  However, in my hurry I slid down a hill and ended up in a fenced compund of what I assume is your estate... (what with the building near me having the words "Maiya's Slate estate" written on).


    Is there any way of letting me out, please?






    ps the troll is still sat there watching me...

    1. Maiya


      Glad you got help :)

      guess you still got your stuff ?

    2. Oakmaiden


      Yes, the GM kindly teleported me out of trouble, and I was bale to go back and get it from where I had abandoned it on the road (in a cart).


      I love your village/deed/settlement.  It looked really nice when I walked past.  Before the whole troll thing!.

    3. Maiya


      glad it worked out for  you :) 

      not nice of troll to welcome you like that 😕

      ty for the kind words, I like it myself too :)


  5. here you go
  6. Cows too weak to drag a large cart but bulls can
  7. I think there was something change for some years ago idea how long or what its called in eng. But that if you live in europe you pay in euro. And I myself dont like it ...I preferd when I could pay in dollar, since that is cheaper for me then euro, But no I need to follow what they say I shall pay in, and gameowner need to follow it too.
  8. Are they still going on ? I havnt crossed server for long time so havnt happend to me for long time
  9. And how do we keep those post we choose to follow? I have had lots of post I put follow on adn they disapear from my list every now and then ;( I even posted under buggs or something to gt an answer but havnt got any so asking here to
  10. Wurm Service Announcements
  11. So then do (player A ) /ignore on player (player B)for CA chatt and ask questions and then the ignored person, player B answer ....then the player A cant see the answer and then we see same question again and maybe again if the player A have a habbit to do /ignore my answer to this question is stay out of CAhelp if its soo much problem, or look the other way if "wrong" person give a answer
  12. yes its same when devs give us extra sb so we hit over 5 hours when we get so we got 10 hours it only show the regular 5 hours(unless we mouse over)
  13. If non answer here try look up the part of forum for Wurm Unlimit since they all are on steam and needed to do same
  14. do /playtime and you see how long you been on I lost most of my playtime for those buffs in all lagg we had that made game unplayable