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  1. Wurm on

    too bad we cant know how many of those going trough turtorial, is new players or new alts.
  2. Multi Item Contract for Selling on Merchants

    ohhhh Im sorry but that isnt how I ment it I ment the way to sell keys dont help you since you want
  3. Multi Item Contract for Selling on Merchants

    that you fix with selling keys on the merchant, to those fsb/bsb/chest, with the stuff in you want to sell. Then seller dont need to be online. You can even make the deal in pm and mail the key CoD and the buyer can go to you (or the place you placed the fsb/bsb/chest) and collect after he got the mail. After "new" permissionsystem you only need key in inventory to be able to open the fsb/bsb/chest without owner set special permission. But yah it seems you mostly want the stuff deliverd to your feet so you dont need to transport it yourself so then selling these keys dont help But you in WU so im sure some great modder will be able to fix such I seen some stuff I really wanted on WO too
  4. Multi Item Contract for Selling on Merchants

    Dont understand what you mean by .... so player doesn't have to be ONLINE for someone to purchase from a merchant.???? The merchant just stand there, so people can shop anytime they like, or it work difrent on WU???
  5. Old Player Looking for a Home

    Welcome back Stargrace! Hope you find a nice place to live on .)
  6. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    ahhh didnt thnk of he could expand to new server lol
  7. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019!
  8. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    wrong map??? Albia Roads Map Of Indy
  9. The building of Haven's Landing

    Glad to hear, I got allies that still got there toons there since ages .
  10. The building of Haven's Landing

    Is GV closed off now total, for those that got old accounts living there to?
  11. Useless christmas gifts

    I wish devs keept track of those not liking xmas presents and only gave 1ql charcoal in present the next year to those cant understand how someone can complain for a free gift I allways wonder if they do same on IRL xmas presents
  12. Cmd Prompt Error.

    try reinstall Wurm Unlimited from steam, and u get whats needed im sure
  13. wtb Yule Goats 1s/each

    [16:04:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent you 3 for a silver each make a picture for us all to see when you done please
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    You aint priest without premium are only follower then yes you need premium to be able to transfer if not correct me please