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  1. Had to go afk a little bit while out hunting, so put on autofight mode since i was out in wild [13:19:30] You will now select stance and special moves automatically in combat. Had got this when I came back [13:23:16] You scratch yourself. What did you catch now? back from afk [13:31:00] You will now have to make manual stance decisions in combat. since i was out for hunting I keept on with it even i got disease, while I took my myself and wagon towards home At home I started working my land again and didnt think of the disease untill I seen this [16:07:34] You feel a lot better now as your disease is gone.
  2. [16:26:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. ty all for bidding
  3. Start bid: 20s Min increase: 1s Buyout: 45s (I accept pm for buyout) Happy bidding Dessie
  4. [22:15:54] The items are now available and you have been charged 25 silver and 1 copper. big ty ths one will serve me fine
  5. I got same as TeeeBOMB and doing what he did didnt fix it for me Im sure you find out one day what couse it
  6. [13:03:02] The items are now available and you have been charged 10 silver and 1 copper. Big ty
  7. Send to Dessie please
  8. I start with 5 silver
  9. isnt that the same thing ? no deeds here is unclaimed land