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  1. What is the intended duration of this sermon party? Is this a weekend event, or a "as long as we can keep people interested in sermons" event?
  2. Have a newly converted priest that I would like to get into an active sermon group. Preferably 24/7 and on a smaller server. Can travel easily now by boat, and would only avoid Xanadu and Chaos. If you host one or know of a good active group, let me know please
  3. Unfortunately I won't be able to be online at the end of this auction. I'll be back later to sort out the winner. Good luck bump.
  4. Libram of the Night 15% resistance to pierce, 10% vulnerability to bite A black leather book with an etched silver owl, to be read by the wicked and twisted. It has one charge left. Reference: Starting bid:65s Reserve:65s Increments:2s buyout:None Sniper protection:2 hours No private bids. I will not respond to any PMs about this Auction. Good Luck!
  5. that is odd, that only speed trait horses seem to disappear...
  6. Venerable Fat Briskhoney is missing from either Racingwind on Black Dog Isle or Skoutt's Hollow just south of Black Dog Canal. He is a four speed horse and is being taken care of by Levin. If you see him roaming around please contact Skoutt or Levin in game Thanks
  7. Please change the name of Plant Trees at 27x, 31y to Skoutt's Hollow