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  1. Bump Still need this info, if anyone has it
  2. I can't reach the token, it's penned in.
  3. I'm looking for someone to convert me, near Lormere. I will ride to you, send a PM so we can schedule a time. Thanks : )
  4. The deed directly west of Lormere. Used to be called Darkhold Trade Port, still is on the map. It was auctioned off to someone, does anyone know who owns it?
  5. Bought more then once from him, very fast service and good prices!
  6. Hi, I'm looking for someone that has speed 5 horses, near Lormere. If you're willing to travel there that's cool too, we can schedule a meetup. Thanks! :^)
  7. Me and my friend each want a horse, Near or around Lormere. Post here please, since I probably won't be in-game! Just in case IGN: Soleil Thanks!