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  1. If you EVER skilled with archery back then you would understand how broken it was, however nobody complained about it since it was accesible to everyone which just meant we didnt have to spend our days crafting away to get body control, theres no easy gathering skills for body control like mining, digging, woodcutting which give good body strength, back then it was grind archery and woodcutting and you were good to go, now you have no decent way to get it. I'm not saying bring it back but open another window of oppurtunity for us people with accounts that will never be able to match the stats before the nerf
  2. which is exactly why it should not have been implemented, maybe have it so you can still gain body control even if you have high archery if your current body control is low
  3. What i am trying to say is older accounts got 50-60 body control with little to no effort where as the only efficient ways we have to increase body control is to fletch for day after day, theres nothing equivalent to what the skillgain was like back then, 5 second per arrow, 0.01 BC per arrow
  4. exactly so and that's why im suggesting a change so us people which started late can catch up
  5. A while ago, when i did it last i sat on deed for a day with a bow shooting a troll and could ride a hell horse
  6. Anyone apposed to old skillgain with a limit to the amount of times you can shoot the same mob?
  7. It does not you are right, he however has a point that it was just patched without discussion so lets have this discussion now
  8. Sorry but i made a new account on epic and this skillgain isnt even a fraction of what it was, how is this balanced for pvp? its either buy an account or spend a couple months grinding body control, im not saying revert it so you can shoot the same thing over and over just make the skillgain equivalent so grinding from 1-90 archery doesnt give like 2 body control as apposed to the old 20
  9. Can still walk into some of the sandstone walls
  10. Maybe decreased movement speed with weapon unsheathed (wielded) so you dont always have weapons at the ready
  11. perfect implimentation for a PVP server, who needs to know what weapon or armour someone is wearing. Very well thought out
  12. comic relief

    "this GM support is incredible"
  13. Just wl spells/kingdoms, means everyone can be the same priest, everyone has to contest the white light, no web armour so lighter armours are made more viable
  14. encourages people living in villages together as apposed to everyone having their own deed
  15. pls it will encourage people to actually be logged on