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  1. The stables at Lothlorien Meadows are closed until further notice.
  2. I went to Deli to deliver some sleep powders and ended up staying for almost a year. I was on TheUnknown's deed, and had an awesome time helping him build his castle and joking around with alliance.
  3. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing
  4. Thanks! I'm currently travelling, but i'll pick them up soon.
  5. both large mauls to belacane if you still available.
  6. Well, I just need to build a portal and I can head over and join the pleasant poverty . Considering I've never even made cheese in my life, I think I may fit in quite well
  7. sounds delightful... I may be interested. I've been thinking of heading to epic for a while now.
  8. 4x large shields - pls COD to Sarai
  9. Hi Malchi, I remember you from the N. Indy Alliance. Bump for a great player!
  10. Just like the title says, I'm interested in a mid to high level nahjo priest and want to see what's out there for sale. Thanks!
  11. Hello friends, unfortunately, this is very old. The original Journeya has sold her toon and I (belacane) now hold the deed. I am not recruiting at the moment.
  12. Newbie here.

    Cele has a low population, but we are some of the coolest people around; We're seasoned, dedicated, and helpful players. If you need help, I raise my hand as well. You're welcome to ask questions, or hang out at my deed too (I'm actively recruiting). Message me here on the forums, or in game as 'sarai'. I'm in the same alliance as pandylynn and blacklotus, and we have tons of fun!
  13. Yep, having similar problems. My toons weild either two-handed swords or longsword.
  14. Recruiting again. And the deed is still fairly blank. PM sarai or belacane in game if you're interested
  15. Thanks everyone for the input. I realize that it may have been a mistake on my part, although if locks rusting away is a thing, I wasn't aware about it until today. Now I know A member of pandemonium was actually kind enough to reach out to me and offer me a tent, so I'm in good shape tent wise, although the JK one did have a bit of sentimental value. Thank you again to everyone, and especially to pandemonium for being so kind.
  16. Hey All, I was at the 7/21/17 rift on Cele the other day, and logged out with my horse hitched to my tent. I could have sword the tent was locked, but I guess I was wrong, because when I signed in this morning, the tent was gone (thanks for leaving my horse though). I know unlocked tents are 'fair game' on freedom pve (I thought I recalled locking it, but I was wrong). However, as a fairly long time player, I thought that the wurm community was more or less above just taking someone else's stuff when it's really obvious that the stuff is not abandoned (i.e at a rift event right after a rift ended). Anyhow, if the person who took it would kindly consider returning it to sarai in game, she would be most pleased. I know a few other players who also had their tents taken at the rift. I imagine they'd feel pleased if theirs were returned too. Blue Jenn Kellon Military Tent - 17.xx ql - 4.xx dmg - named "sarai's rest". Thank you!