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  1. Darn good thing there are a bunch of Wurmians here to save everyone.
  2. 2x studded leather glove 2x studded leather sleeve 1x studded leather pants COD to Sarai Please!
  3. Please COD to sarai . Ty!!
  4. I'm interested in the Rake - Iron Ql 44.52(CoC 87). What's your price for it?
  5. horse found

    ... and guess who I ran into today? Mr. Locke himself. The sweet horse is back with his caring owner now
  6. studded leather jacket studded leather cap 2 awls 2 leather knives Scissors needle grooming brush to sarai pls.
  7. horse found

    Alright. If he ever comes back, I'll be keeping it safe for him
  8. horse found

    [15:13:08] You start leading the venerable fat Jackpearl. [15:12:57] It is being taken care of by Lockehalfblood. I found him wandering around near tap dance without a saddle and no indications of a player nearby. He's safe on my deed for now. If he's yours please let me know.
  9. I came back to Indy in 2015 after playing for about 3 weeks in 2013. I was still a noob, and I was easy bait for mobs. It was only an old friend that saved me and helped me find my body. I think that had he not been there, I probably would have quit again. I was then brought over the N. Indy Academy where I spent a few weeks getting my footing (perhaps for the first time), before venturing out to make a deed of my own. And three years later I'm still there. The area has changed a lot, but It's always going to be my home. I also started a second toon to explore a bit more, and she now resides on cele after having given Xan, Deli, and Release a good try. <3 Wurm!
  10. The stables at Lothlorien Meadows are closed until further notice.
  11. I went to Deli to deliver some sleep powders and ended up staying for almost a year. I was on TheUnknown's deed, and had an awesome time helping him build his castle and joking around with alliance.
  12. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing
  13. Thanks! I'm currently travelling, but i'll pick them up soon.
  14. both large mauls to belacane if you still available.
  15. Well, I just need to build a portal and I can head over and join the pleasant poverty . Considering I've never even made cheese in my life, I think I may fit in quite well
  16. sounds delightful... I may be interested. I've been thinking of heading to epic for a while now.