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  1. I'm also interested! The link to the application seems to be down though. - belacane / sarai
  2. Mirrors? Sure. Name and gender changes? Awful Idea.
  3. -1 Community is a huge part of what makes Wurm amazing. How would we keep track of our friends and people we trade with if names were constantly being changed? I hope this never happens.
  4. Good luck with your search! I love having other players around on my deed too.
  5. sold

    Do you have more than one of each?
  6. examine a tile and you'll find out if it's deeded or not. Welcome back!
  7. No worries at all. And you're doing a great job!
  8. alright, I should be there shortly. Do you make mortar too?
  9. Hi Sarcofax, I'll head your way then. Sarai is the one who will meet you. Do you by any chance make mortar? I am in need of that as well if you're up for it.
  10. I'd like to purchase 1k sandstone bricks if they haven't sold already.
  11. Recruiting again! My villagers have ventured out to create their own deed. If you're looking for a home, I'll be happy to have you! There's an empty plot for building and a pre-built house at the moment.
  12. Time zone or language? I am a RussiN speaker, but I’m in the US.
  13. That's a really cute idea, no matter if it gets used often or not. Neat design!
  14. Hello, WTB 25-50s (1s/1e via paypal). I would prefer to do the trade while we are both online in game. I'm in US central time and am usually on evenings and weekends. PM me here or in game as belacane or sarai.
  15. Thanks guys for your feedback. I hope this happens! Those 1.5 floor chimneys are frustrating for decorating.
  16. I'd say 48 hours. Some of us don't get to play every day.
  17. I'd totally dig a wurm decal for my car