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  1. Good to know. I guess I'll test it and find out, and walk home across the server if my horse indeed is taken.
  2. Tents decay too fast, take time to make, and have value to me. If I'm travelling by horse and need to stop playing due to real life and may not be on for another week or so, I may lose my tent. A simple hitching post decaying has no value to me as a player, would not be hard to make, and would ensure that my horse would not be lead away for at least a two week period.w
  3. Ride I know.... but not even lead? I've had issued with this before, where my branded, saddled horse was left off-deed with perms set, and someone lead it away and put it on their cart, wagon...etc.
  4. I love the new hitching posts. I think they are great for deeds and the like. However, what about an additional simpler hitching post that can be used by travelers to tie up riding animals, but is not so involved in terms of creation mats. The current post requires a good deal of blacksmithing mats, etc., and is something that makes sense to have and create on deed. I'd like to see a simple hitching post that a traveler / wanderer on horseback could create with only one or two mats that doesn't require so much work to make. Such posts could *poof* after a period of two weeks or so.
  5. Is there a time frame for it on the 7th? I'd like to sign up, but don't know if I can be there and on all day.
  6. SOLD

    received as described. Great communication as well. Recommended seller.
  7. I haven't played because: 1) already don't have enough time to do what I'd like on freedom 2) I don't want to have to start from zero again. I've not got enough play time as it is, worked hard to get my freedom toon to where it's at, and to start from zero would really just be too much for me.
  8. more or less what i'm doing, except it's gone through the center of the steppe just south of Hill's End. Input is always appreciated. Haven't stomped on BW yet, I hope. If i have, catseyes have not been put down, so everything is movable.
  9. are you back in game?

  10. ++++++++++++++1 billion We need a way to bring players into what is currently there, not create another separate Wurm, only to let the OG servers dwindle until dead....
  11. I'm at O21 ish. I'd be happy to have you come around if you haven't found a spot yet.
  12. very nice! I am working on extending the highway south from my deed (Hills End) to connect with what's been already done further south east. I'll try and remember to post when it's done
  13. The current WO PvE freedom needs to stay alive. Perhaps the Steam WO can be a noob server, but there needs to be access to the current WO servers at some point or current WO will die.