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  1. msg me on the forums when you found one so i can invite you back
  2. Hiya! I hope you find a toon soon! My deed says it misses you - sarai
  3. Hi there, please message me (belacane) in game or on the forums. I have a question for you.

  4. That's really really really a bummer... I'd say it's a fun aspect of the game that is worth following through with.
  5. Has anyone else been prem for over 12 months in a row and not got the promised spyglass? I've been prem for 14 months consecutively now and never got one. Spoke to GMs and they said there's nothing they can do. Is this really the case?
  6. There are buildings... Anyone else got any info?
  7. if it's a trader deed, does that mean the trader is on the deed? or can there be a trader elsewhere that feeds the upkeep? I'm wondering, because I didn't see a trader on the deed. That's a bummer....
  8. J11 on Xanadu has a large community. You may want to check it out.
  9. If anyone is in contact with this player outside of wurm, can you refer him to me?
  10. Thank you so much everyone! The token is inaccessible. Basically, I want to see if i can buy out his deed for expansion of mine. He hasn't been on the forums in 2.5 years..... Maybe it will fall soon
  11. Hello, I'm looking for the owner of the deed called 'Tropical' at about F22 on Indy. I'm your neighbor, but I never see you online, and I have a question to ask you. Warmly, Bela
  12. WTB Deed

    I am considering selling my deed on Indy... it's near F22. Let me know if you want to take a look.
  13. I'm looking to buy a high ql knarr, preferably on Indy. PM belacane or Sarai in game, or message me on here.
  14. Close

    Hello, I am interested in 30s.
  15. Hiya, If you're still looking for a spot, PM Sarai or Belacane ingame. We've got a spot on Deli (around M21) It's not a new player deed necessarily, but it has new players on it. It's in it's nascent stages still. So far it's been a blast to watch it grow.
  16. WTB - blue stag if at all possible.... but red would be ok. PM if you have one.
  17. Hello, I am looking to buy a stag HoTA statue, delivered. I'm located on the north side of Collosus lake on Indy at F22 (in game map) Please PM belacane in game. Thank you!
  18. Welcome to the new Haven Community Center Market - located at J11, Xanadu One Stop Shopping: If you need it, we probably sell it! FURNITURE and DECORATIONS - high chairs - paupers chairs - four poster beds - chaises - amphorae - marble tables ... and much more! TOOLS AND ENCHANTS GALORE - stock changes on a regular basis - most commonly used tools sold here - high ql enchanted items and clean items available CLOTH TAILORING...etc. - horse barding - rugs of all sizes - tapestries ...etc. MASONRY: PYLONS, TEMPLES, OBELISKS, SPIRIT GATES - unfinished items sold for you to finish LEATHER WORKS - saddles - leather armor - various bear rugs ...etc. WEAPON AND ARMOR SMITHING - weapons and plate armor available ANIMALS / HORSES - 5 speed horses available for sale COOKING SCHOOL (coming soon) - increase your cooking skill in minutes with our thousands of pans and ingredients provided! (contact Sarai in game for details) All prices are competitive and reasonable mailbox and token available for withdrawals HAVE A MERCHANT? HCC MARKET IS A HIGH TRAFFIC AREA WITH STALLS AVAILABLE COME PLACE YOUR MERCHANT AT J11 XANADU TODAY!
  19. I wouldn't knock Xanadu off the list. It's size makes it easy to find a good spot once you're comfortable and ready to go out on your own. If you do want to be on Xan, Haven Heights has a great spot to start out near Linton. Freedom to do what you wish (no slave labor), with support from both new and experienced players alike. PM Sarai in game if you are interested.
  20. upload the screenshot you made! I think it looks great.
  21. iron coins dropped on the ground have the missing image red 'x'.
  22. Hello, I am a wandering player who is looking to help out somewhere on Xanadu, preferably on a new deed that is being built from the ground up. I am not looking to join an already established village and build a house though. Doesn't matter if you are a new player or a seasoned player. I love travelling, and helping out where I can. I have my own tools and weapons and don't ask for much except to share meals and water, work with a variety of skills, and not be treated like a slave. I come by land with my cart and two horses . msg sarai ingame. I look forward to meeting you!