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  1. Hello, 


    WTB 25-50s (1s/1e via paypal). I would prefer to do the trade while we are both online in game.

    I'm in US central time and am usually on evenings and weekends.


    PM me here or in game as belacane or sarai.

  2. On 11/27/2018 at 3:19 PM, olafhairybreeks said:

    24 hours would seem good to me, cos you might log out for 12 hours + in the course of a day.


    I'd say 48 hours. Some of us don't get to play every day.

  3. 1 hour ago, Muse said:



    I would quite like a chimney stack extension model - a bit like a stone tube in the same style as the chimney - that can be placed over the chimney stack on every level, however high your building.


    Perhaps these could be linked in some way so that the smoke only appears over the top one.


    Also - if snow and rain can be prevented from appearing indoors / below a roof, perhaps smoke can be prevented from displaying indoors / below a roof also.








    What a great idea!

  4. It would be nice if there was an option to do forges and ovens with a short or tall chimney.

    I find it frustrating when you have a two story house and the chimney from your forge / oven on the lower floor sticks up into the room above.

    The tall chimney would be nice for a single story building so it could stick through the roof and create a nice effect , and the short chimney would be nice for a multistory house so it wouldn't invade higher floors.


  5. Most of all is that it's a game I love that does not require 100% concentration unless I want it to. This allows me more play time while still looking after the kids...etc.


    Beyond that, i love the community, the freedom for creativity, the calm atmosphere of the game, and strangely enough, the relatively slow grind. It always gives me something to work for.

  6. Hi there, what sort of things do you have in mind for an ideal settlement? Space needs? What sort of crafting do you like to do? Do you farm? ...etc.


    I may have a spot for you. 


    Right now now there are three of us at Hill’s End on Celebration and the alliance is pretty active.


    Here is the link to my recruitment ad:



    PM me if you’re interested.

  7. I like this idea, but I agree with your edit that it acts only as a noob buff perhaps that wears out once you learn how to drive a cart or ride a horse.


    For 'toons with more fighting skill and cart / horse know how, I think it would make the game too easy.