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  1. Apprentice looking for a home?

    Hiya, I replied to your PM
  2. Heya, I actually do think I have some space right now. I noticed in your other posts that you were possibly interested in skilling up for pvp. The hunting near my deed is excellent. I should be on in game in about 16 hours. I’d be happy to show you around and see if Hill’s End is somewhere you’d like to play
  3. Abandoned BSB , Etc.

  4. Recruit me on chaos.

    Right now there are four kingdoms on Chaos: Wurm University The Crusaders Pandamonium Apocalypse Order The last two are pretty inactive, so it's WU vs TC right now. I'd take the side of WU any day .
  5. Seek of russian village

    It has its problems, but it is definitely hard core :). If you are a willing and hard worker, a kingdom will probably take you.
  6. Higher levels of journal give more sleep bonus storage anyhow....
  7. Seek of russian village

    There are a couple Russian speakers in Wurm University on Chaos. One in Moldova, one in US. Very active kingdom.
  8. Valrei International. 076

    This game gets more amazing each update.
  9. Puny Forge Graphic suggestion

    and have the one story forge not extend into the second floor!!
  10. WTS Characters & Items

    I'm interested in Saya. I've sent you a PM.
  11. quit all afk systems

    -1 The slower pace and ability to not have to pay 100% attention to the screen is what sets Wurm apart from other MMOs.
  12. Gold mirror???

    I generally am against the name change idea, but if it as implemented like this, It might make sense to me, especially if it was still noted in-game somewhere what name the toon had previously.