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  1. I'm looking to buy archaeology statues (not statuettes).


    I'm particularly interested in:


    Statue of a Unicorn

    Statue of a Guard

    Statue of Libila

    Statue of Eagle


    Let me know what you have and your price.


    Thank you!

  2. Bumping this up with a question. I hope that’s ok.

    I currently run a desktop to play Wurm, but want to get a basic laptop so that I can be lazy at times and play in bed or on the couch. Budget is not huge. 


    Can anyone advise as to whether a dell e5550 running Windows 10 with intel core i5 (2.70ghz), an intel HD 5500 graphics card, and 4gb of ram will allow one to play Wurm at low to mid level graphics settings and tolerable FPS?


    Thank you. 

  3. I played skyrim for a long time, and really loved it, but then lost internet access for a while, and couldn't get back into it. Tried Life is Feudal, but couldn't get into it. A long time ago I played Diablo ii and Age of Empires for many years.


    Wurm is the game that has stuck with me for the longest though, and I hope that will continue.

  4. 14 hours ago, Brash_Endeavors said:



    Are we securing the animal from wandering, or securing it against passing people who might take it? Because those are two different mechanics.


    Passing people who might take it. I haven't had much luck with branding and saddling. I've had horses taken that way.

  5. 1 minute ago, Retrograde said:

    You cannot lead a horse you don't have permissions to ride. The bridle may have bypassed that in an old exploit (I'd have to verify) but the branding should stop anyone from taking your horse


    Good to know. I guess I'll test it and find out, and walk home across the server if my horse indeed is taken.

  6. 7 hours ago, Finnn said:

    Can't you just drop your tent .. and hitch your horse to it?

    Simplest thing ever.. and you're kind of supposed to carry one with you.. for reasons....


    I can see trolls walking around with stick/sharpened branch or w/e 1-2item creation that acts like hitching post... and hitching random wild animals.. in forests/steppe fields... why.. who the ... knows.. some people are weird... should we bother gms to go unrope all... now useless creatures, as somebody random have wasted their existence hitched there with just the 1 random person's permission to unhitch them all?

    Solve that issue, and you'll have a better feature to implement.. but 1-2 item, easy to make, and usable by anyone.. creates wild space for improvisation of that ability.


    Tents decay too fast, take time to make, and have value to me. If I'm travelling by horse and need to stop playing due to real life and may not be on for another week or so, I may lose my tent.

    A simple hitching post decaying has no value to me as a player, would not be hard to make, and would ensure that my horse would not be lead away for at least a two week period.w

  7. 14 hours ago, Retrograde said:

    a branded and saddled horse cannot be taken even off deed as permissions wont allow it. 


    Ride I know.... but not even lead? I've had issued with this before, where my branded, saddled horse was left off-deed with perms set, and someone lead it away and put it on their cart, wagon...etc.

  8. I love the new hitching posts. I think they are great for deeds and the like.

    However, what about an additional simpler hitching post that can be used by travelers to tie up riding animals, but is not so involved in terms of creation mats.


    The current post requires a good deal of blacksmithing mats, etc., and is something that makes sense to have and create on deed.

    I'd like to see a simple hitching post that a traveler / wanderer on horseback could create with only one or two mats that doesn't require so much work to make. Such posts could *poof* after a period of two weeks or so.