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  1. very nice! I am working on extending the highway south from my deed (Hills End) to connect with what's been already done further south east. I'll try and remember to post when it's done
  2. The current WO PvE freedom needs to stay alive. Perhaps the Steam WO can be a noob server, but there needs to be access to the current WO servers at some point or current WO will die.
  3. someone stole it and then put it back real quick XD
  4. Haven's landing is the spawn point for new players, and thus has a the "glimmering something-or-other" portal which allows new players to teleport to any server at the start of their experience. However, this is no longer the case once you get to your server of choice. If you want to go back to Indy, you will indeed need to take a boat. Welcome to the game! Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions
  5. Bump. Actively looking.
  6. looking for an account with: 90+ skill in: - mining - black smithing - chain armour smithing - weapon smithing and/or shield smithing 70 skill in: - prospecting PM skill dumps, toon name, and your price.
  7. Nope nope nope. If you want a curve, go to epic or join a WU server.
  9. Dude, who is going to say hi to me in freedom chat now?
  10. Maybe it’s just a lull. Such things happen... We all have complaints about PvP, but perhaps the real reason is that it’s just summer for most of the player base and people are out and about.
  11. Close

    what do you aim to get for it? offers are always vague....