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  1. Lothlorien Meadows Stables = Under New Management = 4 and 5 Speed Horses of All types for Sale new colors (piebald, blood bay, and ebony black) included 5 speed hell horses for breeding Prices 5sp horses old colors - 35c 5sp hell horse for breeding - 75c 3sp blood bay, pie or ebony - 50c 4sp blood bay, pie, or ebony - 95c 5sp blood bay, pie, or ebony - 1.25s FREE DELIVERY AVAILABLE Contact belacane / dindrane / herzeloyde / sarai in game OR VISIT OUR 24/7 SELF SERVE PENS Located at F22 on Independence @ Lothlorien Meadows Just purchase a key at the trader to for your desired horse. Then retrieve your horse and place they key in the large chest next to the trader. Also available at the merchant Yule Goats - 1s/ea Snow Lanterns - 1s/ea MR banners - 50c/ea Various skiller tools Thank you for your business!
  2. A bump and a hello from the new owner of this deed. Horses still for sale! 5sp Pies and Ebony Black's also availble for 2sea. Please message Belacane/Dindrane/Herzeloyde/Sarai ingame or PM me here.
  3. Hello, I would like one blue-ish / purple-ish sailboat worth of dye, please! Can you do something violety? SlateBlue1 131 111 255 #836FFF If COD is possible, please send to Sarai. If not, I can pick it up.
  4. Ty Zak! Congratulations!! I will be there to pick it up shortly!
  5. Hello! I have dropped of the sailboat named 'community bathtub'. Thank you for this service!!
  6. Like the others said.. isn't that what WU is for?
  7. msg me on the forums when you found one so i can invite you back
  8. Hiya! I hope you find a toon soon! My deed says it misses you - sarai
  9. Hi there, please message me (belacane) in game or on the forums. I have a question for you.

  10. That's really really really a bummer... I'd say it's a fun aspect of the game that is worth following through with.
  11. Has anyone else been prem for over 12 months in a row and not got the promised spyglass? I've been prem for 14 months consecutively now and never got one. Spoke to GMs and they said there's nothing they can do. Is this really the case?
  12. There are buildings... Anyone else got any info?
  13. if it's a trader deed, does that mean the trader is on the deed? or can there be a trader elsewhere that feeds the upkeep? I'm wondering, because I didn't see a trader on the deed. That's a bummer....
  14. J11 on Xanadu has a large community. You may want to check it out.
  15. If anyone is in contact with this player outside of wurm, can you refer him to me?
  16. Thank you so much everyone! The token is inaccessible. Basically, I want to see if i can buy out his deed for expansion of mine. He hasn't been on the forums in 2.5 years..... Maybe it will fall soon
  17. Hello, I'm looking for the owner of the deed called 'Tropical' at about F22 on Indy. I'm your neighbor, but I never see you online, and I have a question to ask you. Warmly, Bela