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  1. Looking for home

    I wouldn't knock Xanadu off the list. It's size makes it easy to find a good spot once you're comfortable and ready to go out on your own. If you do want to be on Xan, Haven Heights has a great spot to start out near Linton. Freedom to do what you wish (no slave labor), with support from both new and experienced players alike. PM Sarai in game if you are interested.
  2. Deedplanner - first deed

    upload the screenshot you made! I think it looks great.
  3. Texture issues after update from Feb. 5th

    iron coins dropped on the ground have the missing image red 'x'.
  4. Hello, I am a wandering player who is looking to help out somewhere on Xanadu, preferably on a new deed that is being built from the ground up. I am not looking to join an already established village and build a house though. Doesn't matter if you are a new player or a seasoned player. I love travelling, and helping out where I can. I have my own tools and weapons and don't ask for much except to share meals and water, work with a variety of skills, and not be treated like a slave. I come by land with my cart and two horses . msg sarai ingame. I look forward to meeting you!
  5. WTS 10C ea - rugs, backpacks, water skin

    1 brown bear rug to belacane if you will
  6. Hello! I have a small settlement located at 50x 12y on Independence ( I'm a low to mid level character who is venturing out on a deed for the first time, and could use a hand building and creating a new village! If you are new and looking to level up in any of the basic wurm skills, as well as a home, you are welcome here! If you're a seasoned player who is looking for a place to rest your head for a while, we would love to have you too! I'm not looking for free labor, and for the most part you are free to do as you choose on the deed (although I do have a vision for its look and feel). In exchange, you will eventually be able to build a house here and become part of a great little village in a great little alliance. PM Belacane here or in game if interested.
  7. I am :). Message me in game if you're still interested. ign: belacane
  8. delete pls

    pls delete
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New 2016!

    Love this game! Thank you for making it and keeping it current. I plan on playing for many years to come!
  10. New-ish Player looing for her new home. :)

    I have a small village that could use a new face or two... It's called Kusumvar at F21 in the ingame map. I'm a mid level character, who still has a lot to learn, and I'm happy to work together. The deed itself is still very much under construction... lots of mining, brick making and terraforming needed If you're ok with that, PM me here or in game as belacane or sarai.
  11. WTB black drake set

    Hello, I am on Indy and looking for a black drake set minus the hat. PM me here or belacane or sarai in game. Thank you in advance!
  12. WTS Black drake set

    sending you PM about black.
  13. Bump for an awesome village! Eyerobot, Cope and Naz are fantastic to work with!
  14. bump, if any friendly, committed players are interested
  15. It would be nice to have low rope fences unable to be passed.... They look great, and would love for them to be functional as well.
  16. I'll put in another vouch for Journeya and Seancarl. I spend a few months at the academy before I ventured out to make a deed of my own. The alliance is very helpful, and doesn't use you for slave labor. I've been shown how to work a lot of skills / tricks...etc. in the game, and they are generous with their time and help both when I was at N. Indy and on my own deed nearby. Can't say enough about how awesome they, and the rest of the alliance are!
  17. Hi there, Tragana Park at 51x 12y has been disbanded Kusumvar has been founded right in the center of 50x 12y. It is a small deed Thank you!
  18. 2 Sleep Powders For Sale

  19. 2 Sleep Powders For Sale

    I have two sleep powers for sale. 1s 75c each located in Indepdenence 29x15y
  20. Looking for paid work in physical labor near Samlingfjord on Independence. My rates are cheap... give me an offer. carpentry 32 mining 15 digging 12 masonry 20 thanks!
  21. Wts: Mined Gold

    I have a bunch of mined gold lump that I am looking to sell (3kg ql4) price: 50c I'm in Independence on Samlingfjord.
  22. Dirt Paths

    would love to see the ability to create a dirt path... maybe not as wide as a whole tile, but one that looks like a path in the woods....
  23. ~Independence Community Map

    Kusumvar is 29x15y ... just north of Dawnrise, just south of Weserport. It has a mailbox too.